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How To Select the Best Deck for Your Yard

Installing a deck is a great way to spend more time outside in a clean, comfortable spot. There are hundreds of ways to design a deck, but it mostly comes down to personal choice and the type of property. Before you start building, here are several ways to select the best deck for your unique yard.

Analyze Your Terrain

Don’t get your heart set on a specific deck design until you fully analyze your terrain. The right deck depends on yard size, where the best view is located and how flat the ground is. For example, if your home sits on a hill, you’ll need an elevated pedestal deck system to keep it sturdy and level.

Know Your End Goal

Prior to drawing up a plan, know what you want to achieve with your deck. Will it mostly be for cooking and entertaining or quiet family time? Your end goal and the amount of foreseeable traffic will help you decide the size of your deck and if you want different levels and sections. 

Select a Material

The material you select for your deck will determine its overall appearance. Decks are crafted from either natural wood or composite, and both have advantages. Wood is more affordable but needs to be stained and sealed. Composite decking is low maintenance but may require more of an investment.

Decorate and Furnish

Perhaps the most fun you’ll have with creating your new deck is the final step of decorating and furnishing. The construction is complete, and you can concentrate on choosing fun furniture, rugs, planters and candles. Now you can start living life to the fullest on your brand-new deck!

If your next home improvement project is a deck, choose your options carefully. By analyzing your terrain and choosing the right material, you’ll have a deck that’s perfect for your yard.