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How To Spruce Up Your Vacation Home

Owning a vacation rental can be a lucrative endeavor, especially if your property stands out. If you have owned the property for a while, it may feel like it’s time for a refresh. Fortunately, there are small and large ways to spruce up your vacation rental.


The outdoor features of your vacation rental can make the difference between an average experience and a luxurious one. If your property has or needs a dock, boat lift or seawall, marine services Palm Beach County can upgrade or install these marine features and make sure they are ready for guests.

Installing a pool or hot tub is expensive but gives the property a more resort-like feel. If you do this, make sure the water is clean and clear so that guests feel safe using the amenities.

At the very least, the outside of the property should be well-maintained. The landscaping should be neat, and the exterior of the home should be clean and in good repair. Make sure the numbers identifying the property are large and easily seen from the road.


One of the most memorable aspects of any vacation rental is the bed. Choosing a mattress to satisfy a wide range of preferences is tricky. A medium-firm mattress is likely to satisfy the greatest number of guests. Use a mattress protector that can be washed between guests to keep the mattress sanitary. High quality sheets provide a luxury feel. Allow guests to customize their sleep experience by offering a variety of pillows and blankets.

Replace dated throw pillows and small décor items with trendy alternatives to give the property a more modern feel. Update appliances to incorporate the latest technology.

Whether your vacation rental is a luxury or budget property, keeping things modern and fresh makes it more attractive to many guests. Fortunately, there are changes that can be made at every price point.