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Looking Ahead to the Next Hurricane Season That Hits Your House

Hurricanes are unpredictable and so the only thing you can do is prepare for the worst and hope for the best. If you live in a hurricane prone area, getting ready for hurricane season is a yearly ritual.

Weeks in Advance

Before hurricane season even starts there are several ways to start the process of getting ready. If you don’t plan to evacuate except under the direst warnings, it makes sense to contact someone about getting a propane generator installation Hudson FL. That way, you’ll have power to run your appliances even if the electricity is cut. Get your trees trimmed. Falling branches can damage homes and cars. If you plan to deploy sandbags around doorways, get these filled now. It’s labor intensive enough that you’ll be happy it’s done ahead of time. Finally, buy supplies that won’t spoil. As a hurricane advances, there is always a rush on supplies.

Days in Advance

The weather may be clear while the storm is bearing down on you. This is the time to cover your windows with plywood and move outdoor furniture into the garage. A strong wind can make a bike or outdoor table a flying projectile. Make sure your cars are gassed up and purchase any last-minute supplies (but expect the stores to be a madhouse).

The Day the Storm Arrives

You’ll probably want to use your car for as long as possible, but you may need to move it to higher ground to keep it safe. If it looks like you’re going to take a hit, start moving first floor furniture up on bricks or to the second floor. Fill as many water bottles as you can including the bathtubs. After a storm passes, water may be contaminated. Create a “storm center” in the safest room of your house. Store only your most precious valuables, water and a first aid kit in this room.

If you’re lucky, the storm will pass you by; however, you can’t count on that every time. The fastest to recover are generally those who were the best prepared.