Maintenance Triggers for Your Plumbing System

The plumbing and sewer systems are important to our daily lives. These are what keeps us clean by providing a channel for water and moving our waste away from us. That is why it is important to get them fixed as soon as possible if ever some things have gone wrong. There could be an external sewage pipe that has been damaged and need to be fixed. For this kind of problem, you can enlist the services of a company that specializes in trenchless sewer repair around Utah. They can have their experts get the job done in no time. The sooner it gets fixed, the better so that you can go back to your daily life.

Water lines and sewage systems are usually hidden from view. They are placed underground and between walls and floors. They may not be that visible, but they would still require some maintenance. But there could be signs around your property that you can consider as trigger points for you to have someone look at what is going on.


The rumbling of the Earth can cause damage even to the sturdiest of structures. You need to be aware that this has a great impact on the ground portions of a property. Pipes are capable of withstanding those, but there could be places where things are just so tight that a good amount of force could break them. Whenever a quake happens, assume that there is something that is hit down there. You can quickly have experts visit your house and provide an assessment of the damage if ever there are some present. If so, you can have them proceed with the repairs.

Tree Roots

When you notice strange things happening to your plumbing or sewage systems, like decreased water pressure and foul smell coming from within your property, consider how long your last maintenance repair was done to them. You can also check if there are huge trees near your property. If so, it will not hurt if you get that checked. Their roots could grow and dig deeper into the soil, which could affect or hit underground pipelines. When that happens, you may need to have someone repair the pipes or have them rerouted so that they can move out of the path of those tree roots. This will be an environmentally friendly option, as it leaves the tree untouched.


People have this bad habit of throwing tissues into the toilet bowl after they are done relieving themselves. Even if you have those that are said to dissolve easily, it can still cause major problems. They can still get caught along the drainage pipes. If they do not dissolve fast enough, they can block other materials from going through smoothly. You know that you have a problem when you flush your toilet and it has a hard time keeping things done. It means that either your septic tank is full, or you have a clogged drainpipe.

If there is too much going on in there, it might need extensive unclogging or a pipe replacement. If that does not solve the problem, then you definitely need to have that septic tank cleaned out. It might already be filled near to its maximum rated capacity.

It is best to take immediate action when you have concerns about your water and sewer pipelines. If you let any problems linger, it might cost you more if you discover that things down there are worse than expected and you need a major overhaul. That will take time and cause inconvenience to your family. Do regular maintenance to keep things smooth and flowing.