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Mistakes to Avoid in Your Real Estate Postcard Campaigns

Nowadays, with everything taking place digitally, traditional direct mail often fails to be considered. Mailboxes are only packed with ads, flyers, etc., almost always at the bottom of a garbage can. However, if you distribute well-written real estate postcards, your marketing campaign can become successful.

Sometimes all the postal cards appear as one, with nothing unique to help them stand out from each other. There are no intriguing details about the properties, nor is there anything striking about the real estate firm. That is why one must carefully design real estate postcards and know how to use them effectively because investors are interested in receiving information about the local property market.

What should you know before starting a postal card campaign?

People trust a company with a good impression, which must be the priority for starting the campaign. When creating a campaign, you must launch in an area with a reasonable turnover rate and a site that another agent does not overly farm. Secondly, postcards must be sent out at least once every month. It is recommended to send more frequently for the first eight weeks to generate brand identity. Making a brand image is a must in this field. Once a brand is created, the sky’s the limit.

What are postal cards?

Real estate postcards are brief, one-page direct mail used by agents to generate leads, nurture them, and showcase their successful deals. Like conventional postal cards, most contemporary ones are printed on glossy, double-sided paper that measures 5.6″ by 4.1″ and usually include the agent’s contact information and details about a listing in the locality.

Scalability is the key

Postal card marketing is not about delivering a bunch of cards to as many homes as humanly possible and hoping that you will receive a positive reaction. The intention is to farm to build a long-term sustainable business where listings are coming. The amount of money you get after selling one listing can get back all the money you invested in the campaign.

Professionalism is crucial

Many people can obtain real estate licenses. The license requirements differ by state, but most people can finish it in a few quarters without wasting too much money. Some people enter the real estate sector to assist friends and family with their transactions, whereas others make it their full-time job. This means that there is some competition.

You must invest in marketing and tools to set you apart to stand out from the crowd. A professional picture, considerate text, and appealing graphics on a well-designed card can help you stand out. It should demonstrate your desire to grow your clientele.

Cards must reflect your service

Real estate agent postal cards must demonstrate the types of homes you can sell and your capabilities. When you have professional-looking “just sold” postcards, you showcase beautiful homes you have sold, demonstrating to clients that they can trust you because you are the best. This increases your sales while allowing you to expand into luxury homes and other areas.


There is no right or wrong way to mail cards. However, some methods are more effective than others. If done correctly and effectively, direct mailing can produce results that exceed your expectations. If dissatisfied with your business, it is time to master the direct mailing technique. Maintain a strict follow-up on any cards delivered and send them periodically.