Need Someone To Buy Your California Home?

Need someone to buy your California home? You’re not alone. From August 26, 2019 until September 20, 2019, there were a total of 3,192 Orange County California houses sold. Within these 22 days, the OC saw its first increase in sales in over a year. Meanwhile, the County also saw a 15% increase in foreclosures. No matter where you are on the spectrum, California housing market buyers are chomping at the bits to buy your house in Southern California. So, if you’re looking to sell your house fast in California, we have a few tips for you. Here’s what to look out for in a “we buy houses California” company.

Why Sell Your House Fast in California?

If you need someone to buy your California home quickly, don’t even attempt to list your property first. When you wish to sell your house fast in California, then a listing is going to hold up the process far longer than you’d like.

Creating a listing for your property sends a clear message to potential buyers. In their eyes, you look at selling your Orange County house as a business transaction. Prospective buyers are going to treat it the same.

As a seller with a listing, you are putting out into the public a dollar amount that you would like to get in exchange for the property. Typically, that number is inflated. This tactic is Negotiation 101.

However, it’s the oldest trick in the book. Therefore, anyone who is inquiring about your house via a listing is aware of your strategy. These people are prepared to negotiate and may play hardball far more aggressively than you anticipated.

Now, amplify this experience by the dozens. Listings are a public forum for questions, negotiations, and viewings. Not to mention, you’ll probably need an appraisal and inspection. Then, your potential buyer will have their own appraiser and inspector. Before you know it, you’re renovating the place. Yet, all you were trying to do was sell your house fast in California!

Who Buys Orange County California Houses with a Mortgage?

If you have a mortgage on your home, don’t fret it. A majority of “we buy houses California” businesses will handle these problems for you.

When you work with a company that will buy your house in southern California, it will absolve you of the mortgage you still owe to your lender. Even better, they will purchase your house “as-is.”

Will “We Buy Houses California” Companies Purchase My House As-Is?

Companies that will buy your house in southern California will purchase the property “as-is.” Many people who partner with a “we buy houses California” company find this perk to be the biggest relief of the whole process.

As we noted earlier, listing your house comes with a lot of extra headaches. These headaches include inspectors and appraisers who have an objective point-of-view. Their unique take on your house includes several factors that will impact the final offer people will make on your Southern California home.

Some of these determining factors include:

  • Value of Other Homes in the Neighborhood
  • Age of Roof, Water Heater, Windows, etc.
  • Maintenance of Landscape
  • Interior Repairs (Major and Minor)

The problem with hiring inspectors and appraisers is that there isn’t a clearcut handbook on what determines the true value of a home. For instance, one inspector may consider a fifteen-year hot water tank as old. Another might consider the fact that this significant expense will probably last the next person another five to ten years.

Then there’s the outdoors. One appraiser may complain that the grass is dead, and the fence needs repair. While another will shrug it off and tell the next buyer, “Throwdown some seed and slap some $20 paint on the fence.” These differences in opinions will only become more stark and nuanced when you factor additional potential buyers (and their crew) into the scenario.

How to Sell Your House Fast in California

Let’s face it; if you are trying to sell your house fast in California, you don’t want to hear three different inspectors, two appraisers, and six potential buyers argue over a broken light fixture. Time isn’t always readily available.

Many people who are searching for companies who purchase Orange County California houses don’t have the leisure of negotiating over minute details. They’re trying to move on from a bad relationship, get out of a rough financial situation, or decided a change of scenery was necessary. Whatever led them to sell their California house is personal, and they shouldn’t be penalized in the pocket for being in a time crunch.

Several California housing market buyers will take advantage of your situation. They are looking at this transaction as a business, much like the potential buyers who respond to a listing. That’s why you need to pick a “We buy houses California” company you can trust.

Who are the Best California Housing Market Buyers?

If you need someone to buy your California home, be sure to choose a company with a clean reputation. We Get Properties has served the Orange County community for over 26 years; long before the “we buy houses California” boom.

The staff at We Get Properties are sensitive to your situation. They’re not going to press you for details, nor stronghold you for financial gain. As California residents, they want to see you succeed. It’s our passion to see our partners walk away with a sense of relief and a nice wad of cash.

Our team is highly-trained and are up-to-date on the latest California house market trends. Their keen eyes for details make each house walk-through quick and painless.

We are prepared to take on all the headaches that come with selling your Southern California house. From title transfers to paying out the mortgage company to closing costs, we handle everything. Best of all, we do this fast.

Just ask around. We Get Properties offers the most competitive prices for your Orange County home, and we do it in record speed. In some cases, we can close as quick as four days. However, the average time it takes to close is around 21 days, no longer than 27.

That’s right! It was only a month ago you realized you needed to sell your California house fast. Turns out, you can get rid of it for good in less than a month. Need someone to buy your California home? Call We Get Properties to schedule a consult today.