Planning a Springtime Landscaping Project

If you are unhappy with how your yard or garden looks, now is the time to start planning springtime landscaping project. It’s your yard so do something that will make you feel good as well as enhance your home’s curb side appeal. This doesn’t mean spending all spring in your yard – just find a project to spruce it up.  Try something easy to begin with.

Adding mulch

Mulch is an easy and fun way to add both texture as well as color to your entire garden and yard. Green lawn with coffee-colored mulch is easy and will make your yard stand out. There is a great contrast between green grass and coffee colored mulch.  If a dark roast isn’t your cup of tea, there are assortments of mulch colors that can “pickup” your bland landscaping. In fact, there is:

  • Red;
  • Gold;
  • Black;
  • Cedar-tone.

Or you can add pinecones to your bed areas. Some apartment complexes do this, and it really looks great. There is the knotty texture that breaks up the sameness of box-like garden beds and the lawn.


If you need help with ideas you can go to landscaping Norwalk and see some wonderful ideas they have. They might suggest adding edging down your walkways and flower or shrub beds.


This marks a definite line between your grass and garden areas. But you should not do what many have and use the cheaper plastic stuff. It looks cheap and makes you look like an amateur in landscaping. And it won’t last – before you blink twice you won’t know where you’re garden areas end, and your lawn begins. Instead buy the tough, rigid stuff in either steel, aluminum, or fiberglass. Any good landscaping website will give tips on how to do this correctly. All you need to do is research on the internet. There are many landscaping blogs that you will find that have great articles on edging and other things to do for your spring landscaping project.

And since winter is just starting, you have months to decide and work out the details on your springtime landscaping project.