The Perfect Choices for the Apartment Leasing

Making the actual lease is one of the most important steps in the rental process. The lease should always be in writing. By law, a fixed-term contract must be in writing in order for the term to be valid.

The notification

At the latest, or at the time of the conclusion of the lease, the landlord must inform his tenant of the basis on which his right to rent the apartment is based. The leasing right may be based, for example, on the ownership of the apartment or property or on the right to sublease it on its own.


A good lease agreement is made easier by the available lease forms. The use of the forms ensures that all necessary matters are taken into account in the contract. The completed forms may be supplemented by attachments if the forms do not have enough space for their own special conditions. The rent security service covers all matters related to the lease and the forms on behalf of the landlord. With more info you can have the best information now.

The parties Identification

As regards the parties to the lease, the landlord and the lessee, it is important to include sufficient identification and contact information in the contract. Information on the landlord is necessary e.g. because the lessee can make the necessary notifications to the landlord. Tenant information is needed for the same reasons.

Married or cohabiting couple as a tenant

If you are renting to a married or cohabiting couple, there are two options. Both can be entered in the lease as tenants shall be liable for payment of the rent until the contract is terminated for one or both of the tenants.

It may also be the case that only one of the spouses is marked as a tenant and the other as a spouse or unmarried partner. In this case, the spouse or cohabiting partner will be liable for the rent only as long as he lives in the apartment.

Several tenants

If several tenants are coming to rent, either one of the future tenants can be listed as a tenant and he or she can take the sublease or otherwise use the apartment as a shared dwelling. In this case, the rent and other obligations shall be the responsibility of the lessee.The other option is to mark all future residents as tenants, whereby all are, in principle, jointly and severally liable for the payment of the rent until the contract is terminated.


If the apartment is leased to the company for the purpose of being subleased by the company to its employee as an employment flat, a clause specifying the occupant may be included in the contract. The company is thus recorded as a tenant and under the heading other terms the condition is that the apartment may only be transferred to a specific person.

Death estate as landlord

When renting an estate, the caretaker should make sure that he or she is authorized by all members of the estate. A court-appointed liquidator may enter into a contract without authorization.