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Progressu is what modern-day machines and equipment sellers look like. We are a company looking for prospective ways to impress our customers with a long catalog of used food processing machines and various other equipment related to the food industry. Progressu works with the motto of “Reshaping the future of food machinery through circularity”, and is always keen to serve you with your cause and on your terms.

We, at Progressu, believe in giving machines a second life and a chance to misconceptions wrong that machines depreciate with time. We give them a new life, reshape them, modify them, refurbish them, and present to you to make them useful for your industry, and turn out to make more profits.

Used food processing

Progressu offers you to sell your used food processing machinery with fewer hurdles and smooth processing. Our experts analyze your machines, refurbish them if needed, and prepare them for resale to get a good price of them. we are specialized in freezing equipment to smooth your industrial applications and cold storage purposes or industry, convenience food machinery like assembly, processing, packaging, and more related tasks, and meat processing machines as well to keep your belongings sustainable and healthy for a long time.

Progressu also offers you a global trade option for used food machinery. We are experts in dealing with and developed an international customer base for our replenishing machines. We value services rather than just cashing out our experiences. Industrialists get benefit from our wide catalog and used less costly machine solutions. We also purchase used food machines as mentioned earlier to arrange our activities and manage a wide catalog for our customers. You can take a review of our projects page to have a better understanding of what we have done so far.

Large number of warehouses

With a large number of warehouses in Germany, allowing us to store various industrial machines and equipment, making us a reliable and trustworthy partner of our clients. With every purchase of used food machines, our experts and professionals take care of dismantling and transport. We assess the condition of every purchased machine and prepare it solely for the resale purpose.

Not only did we offer food processing and cooling machines, but we also take care of a low price as well to make it suitable for our clients and align them with their budget limits so that they may find a useful and legitimate deal for their requirements.

With such benefits and offerings, Progressu is what you are looking for and what you crave for your requirements about food processing machines and cooling equipment. Reach out to us for economical and wise solutions for used machines by visiting our website or giving us a call at +49 5903-93730-11 and our customer services representative will reach out to you immediately.