Slate and tile roofing repair

A roof which leaks can be a nightmare for the homeowner or building owner. Some leaks can be difficult to diagnose properly as they are not always readily visible. A primary problem could be visible but there will be underlying secondary issues. To repair the leaks properly, one should hire an experienced roofing expert. In this article, you can find some useful information about slate and tile roofing repair.

Slate and Tile Roof

A slate roof is made of slivers of rock created into shingles. They come in a variety of colors and styles and gives a neat look to your home. Using a slate roof is much safer than asphalt roofs. Clay tile roofing gives a modern appearance and lasts for decades and has a large variety of choices and appearances. They are durable and endure worst climatic conditions like storm, strong wind, fire, etc. But slate and tile roofs require proper maintenance. Tile roof has greater weight and installing it with a roofing professional is the best move. Tiles made of concrete are less expensive than clay tiles but gives a similar look like clay tile.

Main Reasons For a Leaking Roof

Flashing Problems

A thin piece of metal installed in joints is called flashing. It prevents water from getting in. Different types of metal are used for flashing. Copper is used in churches and homes. Do not use flashing around a chimney because it can deteriorate and cause leaks. In case of replacement, new hand-soldering flashings are used.


If a gutter near a chimney is not draining properly, it may lead to a leak. Gutters and downspouts should be cleaned regularly. Adjusting and re-lining hanging gutters may fix the problem. Gutters are made from different types of materials.

Flaws in Roofing Materials

While installing, a missing or broken tile or slate can lead to the leak in the roof. An old, worn-out underlayment can also cause a leak. Storms can also cause leaks in the roof.


Inspect the roof yearly once. Ensure that the gutter system is functioning properly. Galvanized gutters can rust out and copper gutters can wear down over time. When gutters can’t drain the rainwater or drying snow properly, it can cause hidden leaks. 

Contact Roof Experts

In case of leaks, search for the professional slate and tile expert in your area. Before contacting them, ensure that they are insured and carry a comprehensive warranty at all times. You may call them and ask to inspect your roof and decide based on the results. If are searching for roofers online, visit slate and tile roofing repair for more details! They help to install, repair, and maintain the roof and offer quality service.