Some Of The Best Pool Designs And Maintenance Services You Can Benefits From 

Pools don’t have to be boring water reservoirs if only you know what construction firms to choose. One such pool construction and installation firm that can open a whole new world of variety in front of you is Constructeur Piscine De Mone. They have skilled designers and engineers who can carve magic in designs and construction models for residential as well as commercial projects. 

The most stunning pool varieties you can discover at such elite pool construction companies include the following ones. If you wanna save money and time, you may install and above ground pool instead of in-ground, and you may explore summer waves pool reviews and find the right one for you.

  • Infinity Pools 
  • Fountain pools with LED lights
  • Spa pools with jets and massagers for a pristine relaxing experience 
  • Fiberglass pools in multiple colors and sizes 
  • Pools with a jacuzzi 
  • Custom waterfall pools with or without colorful LED lights
  • Pools with a thermal blanket 

All in all, the variety is astounding. All you need is to discuss your requirements with the designers. That said, some of the best services offered by experts at elite pool construction firms like Construction De Mone, Montreal are listed below. 

  1. Consultation Services

These are the first services that help the company in understanding what you’re looking for. They discuss all your requirements like:

  • The size of the pool you want
  • If you have any specific color choice
  • Whether you want an indoor pool or an outdoor one
  • Lastly, what is your budget 

No matter if you find these services a formality, in all reality they aren’t mere formalities. 

  • They help the designers to create models that you have in mind.
  • They help engineers understand whether or not you’ll require specific features like a UV protection system and so on.

After the discussion, you are provided with a 3-D model on how your pool would actually look like.

  1. Pool Repair and Maintenance Services

There are a number of reasons that the pool requires maintenance. The imminent ones are listed below. 

  • They are necessary to ensure that the water hasn’t gone toxic.
  • They are necessary to ensure that the surface remains solid.
  • They are necessary to ensure that the extra features like LED fittings and jets remain functional. 

That said, the services include the following. 

  • Water treating services. 
  • Sand replacement services. 
  • Services and solutions to monitor the level of chlorine in the water.
  • Services to repair leaks if any.

Some useful filters that offer commendable results include:

  • Cartridge filters 
  • Automated generator salt system
  • UV protection system
  • Thermal blankets for water maintenance and UV resistance.