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Summer Garden Tips

Be water-wise

Mulch the beds with organic matter to control weeds and retain moisture. To minimize evaporation, use drip irrigation whenever possible. Water early and late in the morning, especially if you are using sprinklers or watering tools. These water-wise articles will give you more tips on how to make your garden water efficient.

Keep cool

Cool your yard by thinking of other ways. The plants are nature’s air conditioner. Areas under trees can be as much as 20 degrees cooler than those in the sun. To shade your patio or deck, plant a tree and place benches and chairs under existing trees. For a cooling effect and soothing sound, place a small fountain, pool, or portable water feature near your patio. You can either build an arbor or shade cloth. You can find more ideas at 5 Tips for Comfortable Outdoor Entertaining.

Add colorful containers

Regular watering, fertilizing, and deadheading will keep your annual containers looking great. For a fresh flush of color, reduce the number of trailing annuals like petunias or million bells by half in mid-summer. Give your plants regular waterings with water-soluble bloom booster fertilizer. For a fresh look, replace old plants with newer varieties. For an added surprise, place containers in mixed borders that have gaps or holes to add some interest. Learn more about how containers can jazz up your garden.

Mix it up

You don’t have to be afraid to mix edibles with ornamentals. You can make a beautiful border along a pathway with different colored lettuces. Dinosaur (or ‘Lacinato) kale can be grown in containers and can be paired with annuals to create a striking look. You can use nasturtiums with edible flowers to brighten up green salads as accents in containers, raised beds, or on a trellis. Find inspiration for edible gardens that are beautiful and practical.

Use edibles for ornamental accents

New varieties of vegetables and fruits have been developed to thrive in containers. This makes them an excellent choice for patios and small decks. BrazelBerries(r), blueberries, and raspberries can be grown on their own or in ceramic pots. Annuals like trailing nasturtiums can also be added to add color. Learn more about growing edibles in containers at Rooftop Gardens: Urban Edibles.

Refresh the deck

You can clean your patio and deck with a hose and a damp cloth. For a fresh look, swap out cushions and move the containers. For an added touch of color and to see your homegrown flowers in person, cut fresh flowers from your garden and place them in vases. Find more ideas for outdoor living.

Keep pollinators happy

Hummingbirds and insects are essential for the pollination and growth of edibles. To attract wildlife, including a variety of native plants that will flower throughout the growing season. To find the best varieties for your area, check with your local nursery or extension service. Specialty wildflower mixtures such as annual sunflowers or zinnias are fast-growing alternatives for creating new gardens and edible beds. The Naturalistic Garden welcomes the birds and the bees.

Please note

This is the time to evaluate the garden. As a reminder, take some photos on your phone and make a list of the items that need to be removed or replaced. You can note if the plant is too large or too small for the area, as well as if you find varieties that work well together. When the weather is cool, fall and spring are the best seasons to move plants. Find out more about designing a border.

Think big

You can tackle large projects like laying the pavement for a patio, building a path or pond, or fixing drainage problems. Do your research, whether you hire someone to do it or do it yourself. Make sure that your project fits your home and meets all local building codes. Pinterest and Houzz are great resources for information about materials, designers, and innovative ideas. Get additional landscape design inspiration.

Search for inspiration

Participate in garden tours, and visit botanical gardens and public parks for design inspiration and ideas. Photographs can be taken with the permission of specific areas or plant combinations that you would like to use in your yard. Ask the homeowner to share their favorite hardscape materials, such as gravel, trellises, or furniture. These destinations offer suggestions for public gardens.

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