The Best Place to Keep Old Furniture

There are many things that make a house a home. It’s in everything from the colour on your walls to the flooring under your feet, the decorations on display and, of course, the memories that are made in the home. But let’s not overlook the impact of furniture on your home’s design aesthetic. Your furniture is so much more than what you sit on or where you put your dinner. It’s a statement that says something about you and your home. It invites residents and visitors alike to make themselves comfortable and enjoy the time that they spend with you.

However, when your furniture is getting a little long in the tooth and either no longer fits your design tastes or is simply taking up too much of your living space… what do you do with it?

Storage Units UK are a great place to keep your old furniture when it no longer feels a part of your home. Here’s why:

They prevent the risk of seller’s remorse

Your knee-jerk reaction may be to sell your old furniture. But if you still have a strong emotional attachment to your old furniture you may not realise how much you’ll miss it until it’s gone. Keeping it in storage can give you the option of a “cooling off” period to decide how you really feel about your old belongings.

If, after a few months, you decide that you really could live without your old furniture, selling is still an option.

They’re dry, safe and secure

Just because you’d rather not keep your old furniture in your home any longer doesn’t mean that you want it to go to wrack and ruin! Keeping it in a storage unit is infinitely more secure than keeping it in a family member’s garage, basement or attic.

Our storage units are kept safe and dry so that you’ll never need to worry about water damage, mildew or other unpleasantness. They’re also completely secure since they’re steel-walled and inside brick-built warehouses with a full complement of safety and security features. Our units are also covered by public liability insurance although we expect you’ll also want to ensure the furniture you store there.

It’s really, really easy!

In many cases, you’ll barely even need to lift a finger to get your old furniture. The process is as simple as;

  • Find the store closest to you (we’re all over London and Sussex).
  • Choose your space (we have everything from 10 sq ft lockers to rooms over 300 sq ft).
  • Book online or over the phone.
  • We’ll even come and collect your furniture for you. Collection is free of charge when you pay in advance for 3 or more months.

It’s completely affordable

We are deeply committed to providing affordable self storage solutions. In fact, we’re up to 64% cheaper than other storage solutions.

So, there’s really no need to ditch your old furniture if it’s no longer a good fit. Keep it with us for as long as you need to, until you’re ready to move or fall back in love with it again.