Tips for Cleaning Epoxy Floors

Congratulations on your new epoxy floor! The great thing about epoxy coating is that it will last for several years. Garage floor epoxy resurfacing in Glendale is designed to give you a decorative floor design that holds up well under day to day activity. The key to keeping your floor looking great and performing well is to clean it regularly.

Below are some tips on how to clean your epoxy floors. You also have the option of hiring a professional garage epoxy floor cleaning company in Los Angeles.

Sweep the Floor

While this seems like a simple task, business owners often neglect to sweep the floor. If you use your garage daily for high-end tasks, machinery, or vehicles, dirt and grit can build up across the surface. If you leave it there, then it will embed into the floor and scratch it.

Therefore, you should sweep the floor regularly to remove dirt, dust, and grit. The best way to remove tiny debris is to use a professional shop vacuum with a soft brush attachment. How often you sweep the floor depends on what type of machinery you use and how dirty the floor gets.

Stay Away from Standard Soap and Chemicals

Although epoxy floors are designed to resist soap and chemicals, you should still avoid using these materials to clean the surface. Soap or chemical-based solutions can leave a film that accumulates with each use. Eventually, the floor will lose its vibrant appearance.

If your floor needs cleaning, simply use warm water and a clean mop or deck brush. Rinse the mop often and keep the water clean. If you need to use a cleaning solution for tough stains or spills, then use a soft soap. Make sure that you remove all soap residue from the floor.

Spots, Stains, and Built-Up Dirt

No matter how tough your floor surface is, some stains and spots are hard to remove with warm water alone. As with any other cleaning, use your shop vac to remove as much of the stain or dirt as possible.

If you have to use a cleaning solution to lift the stain or spot, then apply an ammonia/water mix to the affected area only. Add two to three ounces of ammonia to a gallon of hot water only after you have tried to remove the stain with warm water alone. Use this method for cleaning oil, antifreeze, gasoline, paint, or similar harsh chemicals.

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