How to mix and match rattan garden furniture

Patio furniture forms a crucial part of every home. It’s not that you can use the old pieces of furniture in your garden space and not care about its look. Garden is one of the most beautiful areas in a house, and it needs to be decorated accordingly. 

While it might not always be possible to get everything new, you can mix and match the pieces to complete the entire furnishing. For instance, if the chairs in your patio have aged faster than the dining table, you need not spend a lot of money in renovating the entire furniture. You can buy new chairs that match the style of your existing dining table. It is not at all necessary to have a perfect set every time you renovate the patio furniture. These days mix and match furniture are in trend. 

In this article, we will talk about some of the effective ways in which you can mix and match your rattan garden furniture.

  1. You can unify the entire furniture through color

Colour scheme is the most crucial factor when you are choosing furniture pieces. You should look at the color of the centerpiece and choose the other furniture accordingly. If the chairs in your patio have yellow or brown seat covers, you could try and incorporate the same color in other accessories and furniture pieces. If you are buying chairs for the dining table in the patio, you can get the fixtures for the in the same hue as that of the dining table. It is not necessary to get chairs of the same color. Even if the dining area and sitting area by separated by a distance, you can unify them through the same hues.

  1. You can unite the space with the pieces kept

If you have different kinds of chairs in your patio, you need not worry as you can still unify the space using other elements. The elements here include accessories like the cushions or crockery. You can match the colors of the crockery pieces with the pillows.

  1. You can unify the furniture through its finish

You can also mix vintage-style furniture with the modern style if you use the right trick. Here the key is to provide a uniform finish to all the furniture pieces so that they can blend. This idea will help when you find the right outdoor furniture but are concerned about whether or not it would fit in the style of your existing furniture. You can buy it and give it the same finish.

  1. You can unify the furniture through style or theme

You can also look for pieces that are made in the same fashion as that of your existing furniture pieces. You should get the furniture pieces of the same style you are looking for even if you can’t match the colors. There can be variation in lines and color, but overall, the pieces will fit in perfectly. 

  1. You can also divide the space

It is not always necessary to unify the patio space through the furniture. You can also give a great look to your rattan garden furniture using the concept of division of space. The key here is to create boundaries within the garden space through furniture. When you do this, you can use entirely different furniture for both the dining and the seating space. And it won’t look as if there’s any mismatch. This is because the boundaries have been made using the furniture pieces and their arrangement in the garden space. You can also create boundaries using a rug. Rugs are the perfect choice when you are looking to separate the dining area with the seating section.

Another alternative to separate different section in your patio is by the use of plants. You can use plants to draw virtual boundaries between different parts of the courtyard.

  1. You can use a ceiling to separate the different areas in the patio

When you create a separate space within the existing patio using an unusual ceiling, you are segregating the garden space. Once you divide the space, you can get any furniture. The finish and styles of furniture won’t matter much in this case. You can find some of the best pieces at rattan garden furniture sale UK.Whether you are planning to design the porch or the garden space in your home, you can use these tips to create it in the best possible way. Mixing and matching in this way will result in a brilliantly designed furniture for your patio space. Moreover, if you mix and match the furnishings from the rattan garden furniture sale UK at, you also get the benefit of customizing it according to your taste and requirements.