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Tips to deal with wet basement problems before it begins

You went to your basement only to discover that it was flooded with water. Well, it is a challenge that most homeowners face during spring, so do not be shocked if you find water in your basement in March, April, or May. It is quite common in an unfinished basement, but when you have a wet basement, it brings in several other challenges to face, such as wet flooring, tile, and carpet.

So, if you notice water in your basement, the first thing to do is find out the cause behind it to prevent it from happening again. It is also important to clean your basement efficiently to avoid permanent damage.

Reasons for a leaky basement

  • Condensation in the ground: the basement has a low temperature compared to the rest of the house. Hence, cool air cannot retain moisture as warm air. The air from the other areas condenses on your basement walls and blend with the basement air, causing moisture.
  • Cracks and broken pipes: Water and moisture can also occur because of crevices in the wall and leaky pipes. It may also occur because of clogged gutters and overflown sewage.
  • Moisture from the ground: Moisture can gradually rise through the foundation into your basement floor and walls if your basement is not efficiently waterproof.

Tips to consider when dealing with basement waterproofing

  • Research different waterproofing approaches

Interior waterproofing, external waterproofing, and drainage are the major basement waterproofing techniques. There are several solutions for different issues depending on the situation, basement, and home.

  • Do not choose DIY sealants

Usually, DIY solutions are temporary. Hence, if you want to efficiently waterproof your home, hire professionals to do the task for you. Do not get deluged with ads claiming that a particular product is the best and will help you mend your leaky basement. Choose a professional to inspect your property and hire them to get the best solution.

  • Always keep your gutters, drains, and downspouts clean

A clogged gutter can flood your basement really badly. Imagine a fully congested gutter burst open, and all the water gets flooded in your home’s basement. Hence, keeping your gutter free of debris is very important to avoid any water from collecting. It will quickly flow to the downspouts and divert them from your building.

Solutions to fix a wet basement

When going for wet basement repair, keep in mind it is harmful to your family. It can cause different allergies, health issues, and cause structural damage. It can damage walls and weaken the foundation. 

If you notice any signs of a wet basement, you should immediately go for wet basement repair. Hire professionals based in your area and get your property inspected. Take as much time as you can and check the track record of their past work. If you are satisfied with their work quality, you can choose the service provider. Waterproofing PD is your solution to get the best solutions for a leaky basement. Contact the professionals to get an inspection and free quote now.