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Tips To Make Your Home’s Windows Really Stand Out

Windows can impact a home’s appearance in a big way. Not everyone is ready to invest in installing new ones. Maybe your heart is set on brand new windows, but your budget just isn’t on board with the idea. Or, perhaps you want to give your house a new look to get it ready for sale. Whatever the reason, you have options for enhancing your window’s appearance without installing new ones.

Use Molding To Enlarge Openings

If your windows are framed with thin and outdated molding, this is where you should start. There are so many different types of molding available that you have no reasons to settle for boring and plain trim. Explore options for large, statement pieces that will draw the eye outward and make the windows look bigger and brighter. Using light paint shades or a bold accent color amplifies the effect.

Elevate Your Curtains

Size really does matter when it comes to windows, and curtain placement is another inexpensive and simple way to change how big they appear. Move your curtain rods toward the ceiling to create the illusion of height. Be sure they extend at least a foot past the windows on either side wherever possible, too. In addition to making the windows look wider, it also allows plenty of natural light to enter. Choose coordinating fabrics for home decor to tie the look together.

Seal Any Drafts

Drafty windows are inefficient and unattractive.  Luckily, there is no reason you have to tolerate them any longer. Start by learning how to properly caulk your windows to seal out leaks. You can also install weatherstripping or expanding foam in the space around them to improve the seal.

A home’s windows can be a huge asset, or they can detract from its appearance. You have a say in which one happens in your home. Sealing air leaks and creating the appearance of space with window treatments and molding can go a long way to making them more attractive.