What Does the Home Downsizing Consultant Do?

Home downsizing can be regarded as a daunting procedure. You might find people who live in the same residential premises for around ten years, 20 years, 30 years, or even 50years. They make numerous memories in every corner. And now, when they suddenly have to vacate their space, it becomes a tough task. Collecting all the antiques & collectibles, memories, and all the items which have not been in use from a long time to a new location become a tough task. There are even many hidden things in the garage, basement, or outbuilding areas, which even has to be handled before the house is to be sold or the individuals could probably downsize it.

However, if you take assistance from the downsizing consultant, you will find that the entire work is organized properly. They make use of the simple AVID technique to do the work quite easily.

AVID Technique

AVID home downsizing system is the abbreviated form of the four steps of recognizing the items. AVID is an abbreviated form of Analyze, Value, Investigate and Dispose of.

  • Analyze

They help the customers to analyze the goals and objectives of the individual’s home downsizing intention. They review the entire working operation by evaluating all the assets held. Even they categorize all the assets held into different slots for easier identification while dealing.

  • Value

They help to calculate the value of the assets in the market. The customers are even suggested for the items which are worth to be stored. They probably help in judging all the hidden treasures which you might consider of no value. So, you can say that they provide an insight into the value of different products of the market.

  • Investigate

They will help you by providing various options where you can sell your product. It depends on one’s choice to decide and go with one option.

  • Dispose of

In this phase, all the items are finally disposed of. A proper schedule for disposition is created. They even guide how to execute the plan of action created by them.

There are many professional organizers in Chicago which makes sure that you derive the maximum amount of cash from the property within the minimum time. Moreover, they even do not wish for any work or support from the customer’s side. So, you can say that one you engage a consultant, they will make sure to carry your entire burden to their shoulders.