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What is mulch, and what are the different kinds of organic mulches?

Creve Coeur, initially a farming community, has now developed into a thriving city with acres of parkland, beautiful homes, and several businesses. The homeowners in the region continue their tradition of farming in small-scale gardening. Now the residents also have the incentive to make the properties more eco-friendly.

When gardening is concerned, there is nothing better than mulch to suppress weeds, prevent soil erosion and protect plants. Also, sourcing mulch has become simpler as you get easy mulch delivery in Creve Coeur mo. So, if you wish to get the best results for your garden and ensure productivity throughout the year, you must know what mulch is and the different types of organic mulch you can get.

What is mulch?

The material that covers the soil surface is mulch. Different types of mulch may include seaweed, cardboard, rotted manure, wood chips, or compost.

When done rightly, mulching can offer many ecological and sustainable benefits. It also feeds the living microorganisms in the soil, which makes the soil healthier and prevents compaction.

What are the varieties of organic mulch?

Creve Coeur continues living as a sustainable community. Its eco-friendly and sustainable efforts are translated into Creve Coeur’s annual-tree planting program organized by the Public Works Department that includes the participation of the residents. Apart from personal gardening use, such extensive work also needs proper use of mulch.

So, you must be aware of the most common types of organic mulch available:


Bark mulches are effective for sustaining shrub patches, trees, and garden spaces where you don’t need to do a lot of digging. You can also use them for foundation plantings and front walkways.

Pine needles

Pine needles or pine straws reduce the pH level of the soil. While this mulch increases the soil’s acidity, it doesn’t cause any harm to the plants. So, you need to be cautious while using fresh green pine needles. Pine needles can be perfect if you need a mulch that won’t be compacted but retains the soil’s moisture.

Grass clippings

Grass clippings are best to suppress weed growth. It is best to apply mulching powder and clippings to increase fertility. You can also use untreated grass clippings to dump in the compost bin or unplanted and open areas.


You can even get straw and hay mulch delivery in Creve Coeur mo, which is the best choice for a vegetable garden. Straw and hay mulch prevent soil-borne diseases from affecting lower plant leaves and making the paths less muddy. The decomposition of straw is slow and can last an entire growing season. It also makes for a nice home for beneficial insects that keeps pest populations within control. Also, it is easy to rake up the soil when it’s time to plant a new vegetable or crop on the bed.


Over time the newspaper has gained popularity for using soy-based inks in place of glossy and colored inks. Shredded newspapers have excellent moisture retention abilities and act like any other mulch when controlling soil temperature and suppressing weeds.

Shredded leaves

Shredded leaves enrich the garden soil. The look of this mulch is not appropriate in a formal setting, but you can use them in your garden. It can be perfect in woodland gardens. Also, it can repel water in rainy areas as the leaves mat together. So, you can rake and make them fluffy if required.

Mulch can be used for both gardening and a host of commercial purposes. You can use different types of organic mulches for different purposes without causing any harm to the environment. For organic mulches to work, a 2-3 inches layer is just fine. Remember, when you use a finer material, a thin layer will do the work perfectly.