The most popular interior design trends in Illinois

When it comes to interior design, it’s hard to determine standards. The reason for this is that, even though there are different approaches that we can divide into bigger categories, we all have different styles. Especially nowadays, when we have Pinterest and Instagram and all these other platforms on which we can inform ourselves. However, even though we all have our individual styles, it’s still possible to notice some similarities when it comes to different states or even cities. Now, you might not be aware of the usefulness of this information. Nonetheless, there certainly is one. If you’re planning on moving to a new place, it’s reasonable, even expected, that you’ll want to fit in. Matching the interior design of your home to your city’s or neighborhood’s is one of the best ways to do it. So, we’re here to brush through the most popular interior design trends in Illinois. 


Even though we’re here to talk to you about the most popular interior design trends in Illinois, we mustn’t fail to mention that there are no strict rules. As we have stated previously, there’s a lot of individuality involved in interior design. Styles aren’t usually divided into categories based on their cities they’re used in, but rather based on their origin, period of formation and specific designers. Besides that, we have to consider that nowadays, with the Intenet, all of our tastes have mashed into one big pile that’s available for everyone’s use. However, there are some patterns that are visible to the naked eye. This is presumably because of the fact that even though all of this information is out there, we tend to stick to what we know.

The most popular design trends in Illinois in 2018

According to, it’s these interior design trends that were marked as the most popular in Illinois in 2018:

  • Nature-inspired spaces
    This is a big one. Not only when it comes to the most popular design trends in Illinois, but all around. Maybe not even just in interior design but design overall. Lately, it’s been all about going back to the basics, connecting with nature, living a quiet and peaceful life.


Minimalism and going back to nature are often motives in the most popular interior design trends in Illinois.

A simple picture of a hand holding a leaf representing the latest tendencies in the most popular interior design trends in Illinois

  • Simplicity
    Again, with the times being as fast-paced and hectic as they are, coming home to a simply decorated bedroom and relaxing is like a breath of fresh air.
  • Style blending and personalization
    This is something that has changed over the years. Earlier, people would have just same old things as everyone else does. Not today. Uniqueness is something that’s dearly cherished in today’s’ society. Besides, it’s really no fun having a space that’s completely rigged and doesn’t have any of your personal style and charm.
  • Bold colors
    Now, this one just might be specific to the most popular design trends in Illinois. Bold and bright colors are certainly not a trend everywhere. What’s interesting is that this doesn’t apply only to the items you’d expect. Designers have even begun incorporating bold colors with things like home appliances.
  • Livability
    According to statistics, homeowners have stopped caring about the appearance of their homes as much. Now they think about practicality and usefulness much more than before. Whatever the reason may be, it’s definitely made consumers consider making the essential choices for the finer quality furniture items.

Industrial aesthetic

According to, industrial aesthetic is one of the biggest interior design trends in Illinois. We can see this portrayal mostly in material choices. Materials like exposed brick, weathered wood and concrete flooring are very popular. This particular style draws its inspiration from factories and industrial spaces.

One of the most popular interior designs in Illinois lately is industrial.

A room decorated in industrial aesthetic. This is one of the most popular interior design trends in Illinois.

But what now?

Now that we’ve brushed through some of the most popular interior design trends in Illinois, there’s a lot more to discuss. Presumably, you’re in need of this information because you wish to either move to Illinois or adjust your home according to the latest Illinois trends. Whatever your reasons for home improvement are, you might want to think about the next step. 


You need to have a clear plan in front of you. Don’t begin decorating your home in accordance with the most popular interior design trends in Illinois if you don’t know how everything is supposed to pan out. You can always use sites like for some inspiration. This way you’ll have a clear vision. What’s more, you’ll save some money this way as well.

You need to plan everything in advance in order to go through the process as smooth as possible.

A guy looking at plans that he’s made for decorating his house.

Hire help

Whether you need someone to plan everything out for you and carry out the whole ordeal or just transport billiard table to your new address, this is a smart idea. Nonetheless, you’ll need to have some help. You can certainly always ask your friends for help, but there’s only so much they can do.

Hiring real movers that know their way around the ropes of the business makes it all so much easier for you. However, you need to know which ones to hire. Not everyone is going to meet your needs in a way that’s right for you. Movers like US Moving Experts Chicago are quite flexible with the services they provide as well as with their prices.

Don’t forget to keep up with the most popular interior design trends in Illinois that are yet to come

After you’ve done the research and applied some of the most popular interior design trends in Illinois you can thrive in your success. Remember that trends are everchanging and that you need to keep up if you want to stay ‘in’. You can always do this online without a lot of effort. If not, magazines are always a good substitute. Enjoy!

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