What to consider when choosing a blind retailer?

The blinds market is filled with numerous retailers that make different claims. Choosing among them is more than just finding a cloth or fabric that you like but the entire process from top to bottom.

From here, it is your step by step guide for what you should expect from a quality blinds retailer.

Lesson 1: First impression

While a sense of confidence is crucial to your purchase decision, the expertise and experience of the retailer is essential as well.

Because of the customizability of it, blinds and curtains can be made to suit every home. However, the honesty of the retailer will influence with their willingness to provide tailored customer service.

Retailers with expertise and experience understand what they can do and what they can’t. Most of the time, they can offer advices based on some basic information that you offered to them.

If you have interior images of your homeor some curtain ideas, it will be a huge plus. In such case, the retailer should be able to offer feasible and effective suggestions on the new blinds or curtains for your home.

Unless you are absolutely clear on what you are looking for, getting advices is a way both to inspire yourself and to see if the retailer is trustworthy.

There are some general rules to check, such as “do they know where the blinds will be used in and does the recommended blind suit?” and “do they know the influence of blinds to an interior?”.

If they suggest a transparent or translucent blind for a bedroom, you know something is going wrong. (Learn how to choose blinds.)

Lesson 2: Design and Quote

Blinds and curtains can make a huge positive impact on your interior design, but it can also make it worse. Therefore, quality blinds retailers should be able to suggest a product that fits your home.

General rules like roller blinds for simplicity and curtains for larger openings are great philosophy to follow.

The fabric and cloth being used on the blinds and curtains also poses a huge factor on the appearance and influence of the interior.

While it seems like a huge upsale opportunity, you should consider if the retailer is thinking in your shoes when they offer “better” solutions.

Sometimes, blinds and curtains can be creatively installed to offer unique use. For example, the double roller blinds allow both blockout blinds and translucent blinds to be installed at the same time. The dual blinds allow you to choose the amount of sunlight entering the house without sacrificing your privacy.

Lesson 3: Production and Installation

Blinds and curtains are not difficult products to produce. And most retailers should be able to finish the products in 2 weeks or less.

If they quote a production time of 3 weeks or more, this often indicate a lack of productivity.

The installation of blinds and curtains are often not complicating and should not take long. In the same time, the customer service can be seen with their dedication to care for other parts of your home when installing the curtains.

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