Everything You Need to Know About Multi Door Refrigerators 

Refrigerators are one of the greatest inventions in the domain of the home appliances industry. India is the country where summers are brutally hot when the temperature in some states actually touches a bar of 45-46 degrees Celsius. In summers, many of us can’t survive a day without drinking a lot of chilled water. Whether we are shopping outside or seating at home, chilled water, soft drinks, juices, desserts, all become our summer routine. Having a multi-door refrigerator is truly a bliss for big sized families.  

A Refrigerator is such a huge appliance and it takes a lot of effort and time to search for the best one. You have to come up with a good buying plan before you shop for the best refrigerator for you and your family. Multi door refrigerators or triple door refrigerators are more spacious than other types of refrigerators (single or double door refrigerators). Therefore, if you have a big family that demands a spacious refrigerator, then getting a multi-door refrigerator is probably the right solution. 

Multi-door refrigerators are available in many different styles based on the design of their doors and space offered by them. 

Let’s understand the types of multi-door refrigerators available in the market.


  • French Door Refrigerator


French door refrigerator is the most popular and the best fridge in India for the users looking for something eye-capturing and spacious for their home. This refrigerator includes side by side top compartment with a bottom freezer compartment. The best part about this refrigerator is that you will be eye level with your food, crisper drawer, and shelves. Some models of french door refrigerator come with two separate freezer compartments where you can store bulk items and everyday food items separately.

This multi-door refrigerator also includes ice and water dispenser. It has wide shelves that 

can be used to hold large platters and pizza boxes.


  • Side by Side Refrigerator


Side-by-side refrigerators offer easy access for the fridge as well as the freezer compartment. They also offer proportionally more space in the freezer drawer than a French door refrigerator. With side-by-side refrigerators, it is quite easier to access the freezer compartment. The freezer has more organized and segmented storage. Also, in the fridge section, food can be perfectly organized. 

If you are looking for a fridge price below 10000, then side-by-side refrigerators are probably not the right choice for you. They are bigger and more expensive than other types of refrigerators available in the market. 

In the side-by-side refrigerator, you can have plenty of space for storing your bottles and jars. These refrigerators do not obstruct much space around the kitchen due to their unique design. 


  • Pigeon Door Refrigerator  


These refrigerators are the large fridges that come with separate chambers for freezing. They give you maximum refrigeration space while occupying less floor space. They are pocket-friendly as compared to the refrigerators with the same storage capacity. You can store plenty of frozen food in its separate freezers with a large space. 

The following are some buying tips that can help you choose the best fridge in India.

  • Know the size of your family and type of food you normally store in the refrigerator. The number of people in your family will decide the size of the refrigerator you should buy. 
  • If you have kids in your family, then the fridge with 240 to 350 Litres is an ideal option. 
  •  For big families, a fridge with 550 to 850 Litres is the right option. 
  • You should choose a refrigerator with good energy efficiency. Always look for 4 or 5-star refrigerators. 
  • Choose the best refrigerator brand in India. Whirlpool, Samsung, LG, and Hitachi are some of the best fridge brands in India.

Final Thoughts 

Getting the best fridge brand in India if you have a buying plan. Make sure you consider everything that plays a vital role in the buying process of a multi-door refrigerator. Choose the right type, size, design, and capacity of the refrigerator. Also, pick the one with a good energy efficiency rating if you want to save money on your electricity bills. You can also buy refrigerator online in India or visit a local store. Have a happy shopping! 

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