What’s the best time for lawn mowing?

If you want to take the finest care of your lawn, then you should be well aware of the best time to mow a lawn. According to you, the best time to mow a lawn is going to be the one when you are present at your home. But, it’s not mandatory that, in reality, it’s going to be the best time. Just in case you are indulged in his/her monotonous schedule of 9-5 job, then taking out some time for lawn mowing will be difficult.

So, there exists a dire need for you to know about the best and worst times of the day for lawn mowing Alpharetta. More information about the same is mentioned below:

Early morning (6-8 am)

You can think about mowing your lawn before you head towards your work, but that’s not going to be a fruitful act. It is because the grass on your lawn shall be still wet with the dew’s presence. Due to this, the mower will rip off the grass in a way that would take it a long time to recover. Such issues shall hamper the overall growth of your lawn’s grass and also lead to fungus growth.

Mid-morning (8-10 am)

Are you thinking about when is the best time to mow the lawn? If yes, then it’s none other than the tenure of mid-morning. It’s because, by this time, the dew and watering would have already dried off due to the prevalence of excessive heat. During this apt time, the grass is dry and standing tall, awaiting its even trimming.

Mid-day (10am-2pm)

During the mid-day, your lawn is going to stay quite stressed due to the existence of excessive heat. Thus, if you intend to cut your lawn in this time period, it shall be a big NO! This can be a reason behind your lawn’s detrimental condition since the plants are busy photosynthesizing during mid-day. Also, you won’t even want to stay out in your lawn under the direct heat of the sun.

Later afternoon (4-6 pm)

If you are unable to indulge in the activity of lawn mowing Alpharettaduring mid-morning, then you can do that during the later afternoon. It’s because the temperature drops a little by this time, and also, your grass shall get a few hours to heal before the actual sunset occurs.

Early evening (6-8 pm)

Early evening hours can never be counted as the best time to mow the lawn. It’s because if you have mowed your lawn during this time, the grass won’t have much time to recover. Thus, the fungus spores and mold shall commence marking their prevalence.

So, there is no need for you to struggle anymore to get the answer for ‘what time can I mow my lawn.’ Just have a look at the above-mentioned information and follow the same eminently!