Window Cleaners – The Advantages of hiring a professional Compared to DIY

Have you been thinking about cleaning your windows instead of hiring professional window cleaners? If so, here are a few of the advantages of ditching the “DIY” option.

Increased Curb Appeal

In terms of appearance alone, professional CT window cleaners are well worth hiring compared to DIY. There’s no question that window cleaning done by experts really enhances the aesthetic of the home.  This is a crucial factor if you’re trying to increase your home’s curb appeal to inspire a sale.

Helps Eliminate Insect Infestations

You’d be surprised of the damage insect infestations can cause when it comes to windows. Hornets and bees are known to build nests around window shutters and storm windows. Even ladybugs can cause problems, building their nests in the window channels, making the windows difficult to operate.

Can Identify Potential Problems

Professional window cleaners have the knowhow to point out potentially hazardous problems. Spotting these issues early on can save costly and even life threatening issues down the road. Examples of problems include warped window screens, windows that are hard or impossible to open thanks to sashes that have been painted shut, clogged channels, etc.

Has Access to the Appropriate Equipment

Professional window cleaners have access to the most efficient, commercial grade equipment and professional window cleaning supplies. They also know the right products and cleaning techniques to use on different types of glass. For example, did you know that you should never use ammonia based cleansers on stained or leaded glass? Not knowing this could cause you to unintentionally damage the glass if you had cleaned the windows yourself.

Can Determine What’s Causing Problems

Ever wondered what’s causing the spots on your window glass? It could be the mulch you’re using. It’s not uncommon for low quality mulch to be infested with a hard to remove fungus that clings to windows and vinyl siding. Also, old aluminum screens that have been on the windows for years can end up etching an ugly pattern of deposits on the glass. These etchings also make windows more susceptible to chips and cracks. Experienced window cleaners can pinpoint the cause of the problem and make recommendations on what to do to remedy it.

It’s a Tough Job – Let Professional Window Cleaners Do It!

Window cleaning is a tough and potentially dangerous job! Of all the household tasks, this one is procrastinated about the most (just to save money). Let’s face it; nobody really wants to spend their weekends hauling a ladder around, with a bucket and squeegee in tow. Worst of all, after a long and labor-intensive day, you’d more than likely end up with windows covered with unsightly streaks. The right company will be able to complete the project in half the time it would take you.  You’d also be surprised by how affordable experienced window cleaners are.

Save yourself the trouble and avoid potential safety hazards by hiring window cleaners that you’ve vetted (referrals, online reviews, etc.) instead of doing it yourself you’ll be impressed by the results – sparkling clean, streak free windows.