A Guide to the Working of the Heat Pumps Controlling the Temperature

The use of refrigerators, climate controlled storage savannah ga and air conditioners is not a new concept in the world of technology. It has been in use since decades all over the world. The knowledge of an electric device that helps to extract heat from one place to another is known as heat pump.

How does it work?

There is a substance in the heat pumps that is known as refrigerant which is circulated in the system. This is done though a cycle of evaporation as well as condensation. The refrigerant is present in between two heat exchanger coils which are pumped with the help of a compressor.

  • The best examples of heat pumps are refrigerators and air conditioners that operate only in the cooling mode. If you look at the refrigerator, it has an insulated box that has a pumping system which is connected and the coil is placed inside the box. 
  • The heat is transferred by absorbing it at first and this is done usually either behind or under the unit where you will find the condenser coil. It is in the same way that the air conditioners operate by sending the heat outside from the indoors.
  • The cycle of the pumping of heat is absolutely reversible and so it is possible to provide a control of climate all the year round. The system is helpful to heat in winter as well as cool and dehumidify during summers.
  • There is always an amount of heat both in the ground and the air that is present outside. So the heat pump can possibly supply heat inside the house even when it is very cold.

These are the pumps that are very commonly used in Canada but slowly they are becoming a favourite among all the other countries. It is widely used in counties that experience ground source where heat is drawn from the ground.