What Makes The Proper Indoor Air Quality in The House Now?

Most of the time, we tend to worry much more about outdoor pollution, without paying enough attention to indoor air quality. Admittedly, the smoke spread on the street is harmful, but it is nonetheless air breathed in the indoor environment.

The figures suggest that the majority of people spend 90% of their time at the right option, or between four walls. All are the more reasons to worry about air quality. Fostering a healthy space in our homes is the goal of this article. Discover our essential tips to improve the air quality in your home. To improve indoor air quality you need the right air conditioning however. The below mentioned points are essential for the same:

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Poor indoor air quality: what are the consequences?

Did you know that the interior of buildings does not necessarily contain good air? Like outside air, which supports greenhouse gases and a large amount of CO2, the air you breathe in confined spaces can also accumulate. This can come from several reasons, such as tobacco smoke, cleaning products and household products, humidity or lack of ventilation. Very quickly, these pollutants can have health effects, and this, in the long term, especially in the youngest and pregnant women. However, no one is immune to the consequences, which can range from simple irritations to respiratory illnesses and the development of carcinogenic cells. Health risks frequently arise in the form of asthma, not to mention possible obstructions of the respiratory tract in the lungs.

Techniques to control air quality at home?

To avoid such chronic diseases, and reduce exposure to harmful agents in your own home as much as possible, the first step is to control air quality. To do this, there are different methods as effective as each other:

Request the services of professionals: they are specialized in the evaluation of air quality in indoor environments welcoming children (crèches and nursery schools). Thanks to sensors and samples, they measure the humidity level to provide radical solutions

Use your own means: connected objects, control kits or calculator, it’s up to you to choose the most suitable gadget. In addition to assessing the air, they provide long-term improvement solutions based on the parts concerned.

Tips for improving indoor air quality

The quality of air in homes must seriously worry their inhabitants as well as that of outdoor air. Indeed, whether or not they are victims of an allergy and respiratory illness, the rate of premature death due to indoor pollutants is alarming. Before using the big means, learning to adopt the right actions is essential. Here are some tips on lifestyle and changes you can make at home to reduce your risk.

Beware of your decor

Although some materials are undeniably aesthetic and decorative, their choice should not be taken lightly, as they can quickly convert into pollutants. These include coatings such as paints, carpets, parquet or finishing products (glazers, varnishes, etc.). The same goes for plywood furniture, regardless of its location. With regard to structural work materials used in the works, pay particular attention to the use of glue, concrete and glazing. It is clear that most are drawn into the choice of cheaper products, but which are not certified according to standards.