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Debunking Some Myths About Kitchen Cabinets

Choosing kitchen cabinets, their style, designs, and colors can be a much more overwhelming experience than it seems as there are countless options and ideas available today. There are barely any rules for choosing your dream kitchen. Although, with the kind of information available on social media or the Internet, one is bound to get confused and derailed. People often fall prey to several myths and misconceptions about the kitchen cabinets. These myths as a result influence their decisions and they ultimately end up purchasing something that is not suited for them and their kitchen.

  • Myth no. 1- Custom cabinets are always better

A popular myth about kitchen cabinets is that custom cabinets are the best in every way possible. Factually though, custom cabinets are an excellent choice if you have a large budget and want a style that isn’t available in the stock cabinet selection. Stock cabinets on the other hand, unlike in the past, offer a wide range of styles, designs, shapes, and colors today. Therefore, custom cabinets are beneficial according to one’s needs. So unless you have specific requirements, you should go with stock cabinets.

  • Myth no. 2- Cabinet replacement costs more than refacing cabinets

Replacing the doors or refacing the cabinets may in fact cost the same or even more than replacing your cabinets. As doors are the most significant part of the cabinets, refacing them may cost a great deal and even though refacing the cabinets will increase the life of the cabinets, you will eventually have to replace the cabinets, which may again cost a fortune.

  • Myth no. 3- Inset doors have higher quality

There’s a popular notion the more the price, the higher is the quality. That is not necessarily true every time. Inset doors, even though cost more than double the price of overlay doors, there is not a remarkable increase in the quality. Instead, inset doors decrease the storage available in your cabinets due to their designs. Thus, if you have decided to go with inset doors, you might want to reconsider your decision.


To sum up, not everything that is upon the internet is to be believed and implemented. Doing your own research is important to find the best-suited cabinets for your kitchen. And, this will also further help you go a long way in breaking the popular myths. This is where the KSI kitchen cabinet store can fulfill all your unique cabinet needs.