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How to Save Money on Drinks and Food for your Housewarming Party

With a limited guest list for your housewarming party, you would save a significant amount on the housewarming party. However, making a small party fun-filled and memorable would require you to make some subtle changes. Foremost would be to look for moving home cards that do not burn a significant hole in your pocket. The moving home cards would be essential to invite people to your housewarming party.

Therefore, you should miser with your choice of options. It would be in your best interest to look for the best options made available online. Sending your invite online would help you save money. Moreover, it would be a quick way to send unique housewarming invitations. You would be spoilt for the choice of options made available online. You could also send customized housewarming invitations to your family and friends. It would be a nice sentimental gesture asking your friends and family to come and join you on a special day.

Should you send free invites?

Rather than opting for mail invites, you should consider the several and unique options for sending glitzy invites through email. However, you should rest assured that good things come at a price. You could come across several unique housewarming invitation options on several platforms. These platforms would help you choose from a wide range of options meeting your budget and specific needs. Regardless of the cards you choose for inviting your friends and close relatives, you should remember to send the invites a couple of days or a week before the party date. When you request for RSVPs, you would get the precise number of people visiting your house.

Creating a cocktail batch

If you were saving money on your housewarming party, you should consider setting up the bar as well. A good way to save money on purchasing excessive and exorbitant liquor, you should look forward to creating a cocktail batch. The option would help you serve your favorite liquor or wine with a proviso attached that the guests could bring the alcohol, beer, or wine they like to drink. It would help you save a significant amount on liquor and other drinks.

Make a potluck housewarming event

With a limited number of guests turning up on your housewarming party, you would have to think much on the menu. Foremost, you should keep it simple and secondly, if you were aware of a few people relishing cooking, you have the option to make it a potluck housewarming party.