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Different Ways To Illuminate Your Kitchen

Kitchen lighting needs to be functional but that doesn’t mean it has to lack aesthetics. With so many options available for light fixtures, you have the ability to choose the best lighting for your kitchen. Here are some common types of light fixtures installed in kitchens to provide ample lighting and beautiful decor.

Pendant Lights

Pendant lights come in an array of styles, including farmhouse, industrial kitchen lighting Kansas City, rustic and modern. Typically placed above kitchen islands, which prevent people from knocking their heads into them, they can serve to brighten work areas while cooking. Dust does like to gather on this type of light so regular cleaning is necessary.

Task Lights

Task lighting is necessary to provide light for cooking and give the ability to read recipes. These lights are placed under cabinets and on walls near high use areas of the kitchen. Recessed lights can be placed in the ceiling to shine this type of light on specific areas in the kitchen. Because they’re in the ceiling, the light shines down rather than spreading out, which makes them perfect for heavy work areas.

Ambient Lights

Natural sunlight pouring in a window is a form of beautiful ambient light. When deciding on lighting for a kitchen, see where the natural light falls and then place additional lights in spaces where the light doesn’t reach.

Decorative Lights

The finishing touches in a kitchen can come from decorative lights. These can be in the form of table top and floor lamps and can add the exact touch of personality you were hoping for.

Having a wide variety of lighting in your kitchen allows for functionality and beauty. Each type of light has its own purpose and using all of the different types will provide enough light for kitchen cooking and entertaining.