Final Understanding on the Deep Cleaning Process

If you have fixed floor coverings or a loose carpet in your house, this will become dirty over time. That is normal and cannot be helped. And that, of course, also applies to your upholstered staircase. You need the Bissell Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine for the best use of the cleaning.

Clean fixed floor covering

Dirty from the street on your shoes, a cup of coffee over the rug, a cup of the little one topples over, had a birthday and chips. All things can happen just like that.

  • And of course also the walkways that become more and more visible in the course of time.
  • Of course you can prevent dirt quickly by not walking with shoes in the house and if you spill something remove it directly from your carpet.
  • Every person will be annoyed by carpet or carpet that has become dirty or stained.

But the presence of sand in the floor or stair covering is also the biggest cause of wear on the carpet. By vacuuming the carpet well on a weekly basis and having it professionally cleaned every few years, you prevent having to replace the carpet earlier than expected.

You want it clean and fresh again. 


And renewal just because it is dirty is a very radical and expensive solution.

And then you have the choice to do this yourself or to have it done by a professional carpet cleaner.

Clean yourself

Of course you can try to clean your floor covering yourself. Rent and clean carpet cleaner at the hardware store. If you use the right detergent and rinse the carpet well and vacuum dry it is indeed very easy to do yourself. But not for most stains.

Remove stains on your carpet

Coffee stain on carpet Normal cleaning is still possible with a rented carpet cleaner. But that device usually can’t do much with the stains. And that is not strange because every stain is different again.

Candle wax, coffee, olive oil, wine, chewing gum, paint, glue, rust, all spots that need a different approach. And then there is also the type of carpet that you have.

Just a warning: never use the cleaning agents in your kitchen cupboard or carpet. These are often aggressive agents that are especially suitable for non-porous surfaces such as wood, stone and glass b ut not for the fibers of a carpet.

  • With an aggressive cleaning agent you can easily damage your floor covering permanently.
  • And then there are people who use different chemical cleaners in the same place. This can also result in permanent damage to your carpet. Not so strange when you consider that the chemical agents in the carpet react with each other and can do crazy things.

We once saw a purple spot on a woolen Berber. There was only orange juice spilled on the carpet. It is easy to remove for us. But it is unfortunately not anymore when we were called in. Then it had become a purple spot.

Purely the result of using all kinds of self-cleaning attempts with the wrong products.