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Five Kitchen Remodel Mistakes you Should Not Make

A kitchen remodel requires plenty of effort. Also, there are a lot of things you must think about before you start the project. Fortunately, you can keep things stress-free if you avoid the common remodeling pitfalls. During a kitchen remodel, here are mistakes you will need to avoid to ensure a successful remodel:

Not Choosing the Right Professionals

When hiring professionals to perform and complete your kitchen renovation project, you must ensure you choose one that has been doing the same project for years. Sure, there are many home renovation professionals you can find out there but you want to choose the one who specialises in your project type. Cuisines Vima will make sure your renovation needs are met.

Wasting Kitchen Space

Even if you have a huge kitchen, you must make a compact step-saving work core. This way, you do not have to walk a mile to make a meal or generate dead space within the room. Choose areas that will work hard during meal preparation, dining, and family time. For instance, a breakfast nook is the best way to add style without compromising on too many steps.

Overloading and Oversizing the Island

Supersizing the island will make it hard to walk around. And if your island is more than 4 feet deep, it won’t be easy to reach the middle. Also, overstuffing your kitchen island with baskets, dinnerware, and other items creates the same issues. Thus, ensure your island storage will not extend beyond the countertop’s rim.

Putting Too Much Stuff on a Small Space

If you have a small kitchen, a small peninsula usually works better than an island.  Ensure to consider your space every step of the way to guarantee the best possible remodel. Avoid overwhelming a small space because there are many options available for various sizes and layouts. 

Failing to Plan Enough Storage

A good design tailors storage to fit items used in certain areas. Between storage, shelves, cabinets, and more, there are many different storage options available. In addition, think about your project goal. If you want to achieve a sleek look and pick glass door cabinets, ensure contents are kept streamlined and unfussy.

 Moreover, in terms of storage, do not skip over the small add-ons and storage features such as extra drawer dividers or cabinet expansions such as lazy Susans and pullouts. Such details will increase the storage efficiency of your kitchen and save you money because they are more costly to add on down the road.