How To Choose The Perfect Lighting For Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the epicentre of the home. Modern open plan layouts perform more functions than ever before, and extend way beyond the traditional storing and preparing of food. With a kitchen that serves many uses it is important to light the room in a pleasant and inviting way. Read on to find out how you can illuminate your kitchen – as well as the people who enter!

Own Each Zone

As stated the kitchen wears many different hats in 2020. What may work to light an eating area or island differs from what you need from your cooking and cleaning stations. Separating your kitchen into what different zones you have will make choosing the right kitchen lighting simpler. A universal point for any size or style of kitchen is to let as much natural light come through. If the floorplan of the house doesn’t allow this then you should look to an overhead light system that best represents natural daylight. You should think about fitting ceiling fitted spotlights for a good spread of general light to the room.

Task Lighting

When it comes to tasks like preparing and measuring ingredients for meal preparation you will want a more focused light source nearby to help you see what you are doing. Solely relying on ceiling lights can leave you contorting your own shadows to try and make sure you’re chopping the carrots correctly. Using some directional light on the countertop itself is a fine solution, but installing some lights below your wall cabinets is a stylish and functional way to bathe your countertops in light, while not having to deal with having extra fixtures present to clutter up your counter.


When you’re not performing tasks in the kitchen you might want to gather around the island or sit at the table to eat or catch up after a long day. To set the mood you can set up lights around the area you use the most to relax and use them to accentuate that space. Under-lighting a kitchen island will illuminate the unit and the floor around you and maybe even make you forget about the pile of dishes in the corner while you enjoy your dinner!

Recess For Convenience

Recessed lighting can make a huge difference to presentation. The most obvious way they do this is by creating a smooth and modern line around your kitchen. Where fitted lights will jut out, recessed lighting fits snugly right into the design of the room, and become almost unnoticeable after a while. They are also easier to maintain as protruding light fixtures will need to be cleaned when they build up with grime from the nearby cooking.

With the proper kitchen lighting you can enjoy a variety of moods that match whatever you are doing. You will also put less strain on your eyes, as the kitchen is a place than can get a little stressful at times, so if you can see what you’re doing you’re winning the battle already!