Mistakes To Avoid When Renovating The Kitchen

It is frustrating to finish your kitchen remodel and find that the result is not what you expected, after having invested a large amount of money.

This does not always happen, there are many homeowners who decide to do a kitchen remodel and are victorious in the process, but the opposite can happen and most of the time it is not very well understood why.

Get out a pencil and paper because next, we are going to reveal the main mistakes that are made during the kitchen renovation process so that when the time comes, you avoid making them.

Not describing the objectives correctly

Because we want to have everything now and as soon as possible, countless times we do not worry about taking the time necessary to analyze the space and describe the objectives to understand exactly what we want to improve in our kitchen.

Try to point out what your kitchen already has, think about what is not working and complement it in your head with everything you want to remodel for a future improvement. Perhaps the problem is the material of the countertop, the floor, the lack of storage or even the colors of the walls and furniture. Given the amount of detail that can be drawn, before getting down to work we recommend taking enough time to clarify your ideas.

Trends as a focus

Forget about that influencer that you like so much and the trends she shares on social networks. In the end it is just that, trends, and trends change every year.

For this reason, try not to imitate what is fashionable and dare to discover yourself, what you like and what you do not. Look for inspiration on websites and magazines but do not take a single style as a reference: compare designs and styles and merge them your way. In this way you will get a unique and personalized new kitchen that you may never get tired of because it will not go out of style for you.

Make an extremely basicbudget.

Before deciding if you want to remodel your kitchen, you should know that renovations are not cheap. For this reason, it is especially important to base the budget on the value of the house, including the resources you want to use (materials, new textiles, design professional, etc.) and establish it in such a way that you commit yourself to stick to it. Otherwise, it will be of no use and you will lose money without realizing it.

Not having professional help

We often think in to make a big change in any room of the house is easy and that we can handle ourselves on our own. The truth is that many times this is not the case, and the quality of the renovation depends almost entirely on professionals. Perhaps by not spending much beyond the material and avoiding investing in professional help you can end up in unwanted results, where you can lose more than you have earned.

If otherwise you decide to take the step of contacting professionals, we recommend you do a lot of research and get well informed. Do not just decide on the first renovation company you find and take time to read opinions and reviews from former clients. In this way you can compare and choose the one that best suits what you want.

Do not forget that the professional will adapt to everything you want and will advise you well to achieve good results.

Think about the appearance and not the functional

When you talk about renovating, you always think about the new look you want to give to the kitchen. However, a beautiful kitchen is not everything. A kitchen must be functional and easy to use. There is no use, for example, placing an island in the center of the kitchen if it will constantly obstruct the passage.

In addition, in this aspect you mustconsider the materials: there are some that look incredibly beautiful but turn out not to be resistant or durable. It is not to say that some materials such as marble or wood are not suitable in kitchens, but in the end a material is suitable only if it can withstand the wear and tear that activities in the area anticipate.

Above all, it is important to think about the key elements of every kitchen: the sink, the refrigerator, the dishwasher, and the oven. If the distribution of these four zones makes sense, then we are on the right track.

Making impulsive decisions out of indecision

There are times when we decide to buy new appliances and new decorative textiles simply because we liked them, without really knowing what we want because we did not spend enough time. Never start a remodeling project on a whim, carefully consider each kitchen renovation long before you go shopping.