Parts of the House That Need Regular Decluttering

Every part of a house has its unique functions and purposes. The common problem they all face is how to keep them tidy. There is no better way to maintain cleanliness at home than a regular decluttering. Although it is ideal to keep the entire house neat at all times, some sections need the daily removal of clutter. Removing unnecessary items also makes these house parts more pleasant to use and see, aside from the fact that it can create more space.

Kitchen area

The kitchen is the most common area in a dwelling where junk is regularly produced. These scraps include vegetable peels, sauce packets, and food wraps, to name a few. Throwing them away after use, especially biodegradable ones, can prevent the formation and accumulation of bacteria and viruses in the kitchen area. The rinsing of packaging materials is also necessary to avoid the accidental use of spoiled products. Also, the drawers must be checked for kitchen utensils that are not advisable for use. All these measures can effectively reduce health risks due to the unhealthy preparation of food, which is all done in the kitchen.

Garage and basement

The garage and basement are commonly treated as a “dumping area”, which is why it is essential to declutter them regularly. Piles of boxes with used clothes, papers, old furniture, and appliances have become part of these house areas. To make the garage and basement serve their true purpose, sorting and disposing of dumped materials is necessary. The sorting out task lets you see the stuff that is up for keeping and which is for junking. Eliminating junk provides you with more space in your garage and basement. If you feel that all things must be cleared out, you can seek the help of companies dealing with junk removal in Washington DC – a move that will save you time and energy.


A bathroom free from clutter completes your cleaning goal since this area is intended to free your body from dirt and achieve the relaxing effects of using the toilet. Decluttering of this area means that the shower rack must always be free from empty bottles of shampoo, soap packages, and toothpaste tubes. Also, the regular and proper disposal of hygienic materials such as tissue paper, sanitary napkins, razors, and pieces of cotton is essential to maintain a clutter-free, as well as germ-free bathroom.


The part of the house that seems to be the hardest to declutter is the wardrobe area. It also contains wearables that have been collected over years. Letting go of these items makes it even more challenging to fulfill the goal of unloading. Knowing how easy it is to purchase new clothes or shoes is a better way to start a regular decluttering of your closet. The next thing to do is to sort the items according to their type, condition, and applicability for everyday use. Only then will you realize that there is a lot of stuff that consumes your wardrobe space but has not been used for a long time. You may choose to throw away those old items or donate them to charities.

A home is a place where you can relax, and one way to achieve this is to keep it clean and in order at all times.