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The Types And Benefits Of Termite Control Services

Termites are insects that feed on wood, often becoming pests in the home. There are two types of termites: the worker and the swarmer. Worker termites have an off-white color and can be seen when a mud foraging tube is splintered. Swarmers are the reproductive part of termite colony. They are dark brown or black in color and they may or may not have wings. Subterranean termites can be found throughout the year, while swarmers are seen between March through April.

Seven signs of termites are headbanging, flying termites, white ants, papery sounding timber, and tight-fitting doors or hard to open windows. Other symptoms are tunnels in wood and termite droppings. Headbanging is quiet, clicking sounds that come from the walls.

There are three top termite control methods; soil, wood, and bait systems. With soil treatment, a ditch is formed around the foundation, and the soil is treated with a termite treatment solution. With a wood treatment, pest control specialists use various wood treatments to kill any termite colonies and to prevent other colonies to form.

Bait systems are effective in destroying termite colonies. For this to work, pest control professionals will place bait stations around the area of a home and monitor the stations on a pre-determined frequency. Termite inspection service is essential to prevent and get rid of termites.

The benefits of a termite inspection services are having this service done according to your schedule. Preventing and controlling termites take time. A termite inspection company will keep track of when treatment is applied and when it is time for another inspection service. This saves you time, and is safer for you and your family.

Most importantly, termite inspection specialists know how to carefully use products, and many termite companies now go green and use eco-friendly products that are safe for your home and the environment. They have the knowledge and expertise to ensure that your home and family stay safe.

Also, termite inspection services know precisely where and what to look for in your home. If you try to inspect for these pests, it could cost you thousands of doors if termites go unnoticed; however, the standard fee that an inspection company will charge would be around two hundred dollars a year.

Tips that will help you before you hire a termite inspection company are first asking about what kind of insurance a pest control company can provide. Protection is vital because homeowner’s insurance does not always cover termite treatment. And, only hire a pest control company that meets the licensing requirements for your particular state.

Additional tips are always reading the pest control fine print, trust your intuition, and, if possible, hire a local pest control company. A local company can provide you with the information and service you need to take care of your pest problems.

To conclude, termites are insects that feed on wood, often becoming pests in the home. Talk to a termite inspection specialist soon, such as this pest control Tampa company, and find out more about termite control methods.