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Perfect Installation and Great Use of Your Soffit

The soffit also serves as a protection, since it protects the eave structure against harsh weather conditions. The installation of the soffit is essential, especially during the winter period, since it prevents the accumulation of ice which causes water infiltration during thaw. For this reason, you should choose a strong and rigid material to ensure that you are protected for years to come.

Although it is primarily used for its functional aspect, the soffit is aesthetic and also serves to enhance the look of your home. We will not hide it, a house without a soffit will give the impression that the construction is incomplete, hence the importance of this finishing work. For the soffit and fascia installers you can now have the smartest solutions.

When choosing soffits you will surely find that the holes in the leaves are often similar, but rest assured soffits are available in several colors, which will allow you to choose the one that best suits your home.

Are you looking for an expert to install soffits?

How to install a soffit?

Installing soffits is quite easy and helps preserve your roof . You can hire a professional to do the work, just as you can do it yourself (as long as you are of a DIY nature). The only problem you are likely to encounter is working at height. If you want to know everything about soffit installation, then our article on soffit installation steps should interest you.

The price of soffit installation

The price of professional soffit installation may vary depending on the contractor’s fees and the installation area. To give you an idea, we estimate the price of installing aluminum soffits and roof edging at around $ 7 to $ 12 per linear foot, according to a document from the inspection service. For more information on home improvement prices, see our great renovation price guide.

Soffit maintenance

The good news is that soffits only require minimal maintenance and that’s a good thing since it is necessary to keep them clean to prolong their life. It is recommended to clean them at least once a year to keep them effective while maintaining a good appearance.

  • Use a ladder to reach the underside of the soffit and spray water over it through a hose, the goal being to obtain a wet and easy to clean surface. Regarding the cleaner to use, know that you will easily find suitable products in hardware stores, but you can also make it yourself. Take care to protect plants, lawns and shrubs, as the solution may damage them.
  • Using a soft cloth, sponge or brush with a handle, gently clean the surface of the soffit. Do not rub too hard to avoid the formation of shiny spots. When finished, rinse with a hose and let dry. However, be very careful that water does not enter the attic and wet the insulation wool of the roof, as cleaning should be done on the surface only. If there are any stains, repeat the steps until it is clean.

To make a cleanser by yourself, mix in a bucket: 1/3 cup household detergent, 1/3 cup bleach (for clothes), 1/3 cup trisodium phosphate and 4 liters of water. It is imperative to protect yourself when preparing the mixture by wearing gloves and safety glasses. The solution should not come into contact with your skin or eyes.