Signs That You Need to Call a Professional Bug Exterminator 

Pests are one of the common problems for people. These uninvited guests can cause an unpleasant environment and even pose health risks, especially to children. Often the early signs of pests infestation are not taken seriously, leading to severe problems in the future. Therefore, catch early signs and call a pest control Alamo Heights, TX

A professional bug exterminator will examine your house and offer the best management plan to remove the pests permanently. Common household pests include cockroaches, ants, termites, mosquitoes, bed bugs, and more. 

Here are a few signs indicating that you need a professional pest exterminator. 

  • You notice property damages. 

Many pests chew on wood, wires, cushions, clothes, rugs, and more. Sometimes, you may notice tiny holes in your clothes or curtains. These holes can indicate the presence of pests in your house.

  • Scratching or weird sounds. 

Often you will hear scratching and patterning or weird sounds during the night. These sounds may indicate the presence of either tiny pets or rodents. These pests will try their best to hide from you to find shelter and create weird sounds. Before assuming which type of pests are invading your house, it is advisable to call a pest control service. 

  • You have itching, rashes, and unwanted bites. 

Even if the pests may not cause significant harm to you, you may notice unusual bites. If you see itching and rashes, it is advisable to seek medical care. These bites may be by mosquitoes or bed bugs. Bed bug bites usually occur during the night when you sleep. A professional will help you determine the cause and offer the right solution. 

  • You see pests inside the house. 

Even if you notice one pest inside your house, there are high chances of more pests present in the other parts of the house. These pests may include cockroaches, termites, rats, and more. 

  • You notice urine and droppings. 

One of the common signs of pest infestation in your house is droppings and urine. It is evident that the pests will eat and eliminate the waste, which can be noticeable. Note that the droppings will be different depending on the pests you are dealing with. 

Call a professional pest control right away! 

If you notice the signs mentioned above, call a professional pest control service to examine the problem and develop an effective strategy to combat the situation before the pest infestation increases and causes various problems!