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The Costs for the Making of Best Pools Now

Among the different types of in-ground pools, kit pools are the least expensive. To build a traditional concrete pool or a luxury pool, you will need a larger budget. So how much does it cost to build a pool in riverside ca?

An inground pool costs between 5,000 and 50,000 €

The price of an inground pool depends on many criteria: type of pool, materials, dimensions , quality level, construction (by yourself or by a professional), etc.

You can buy a pool kit or a discount shell pool for less than € 10,000, but the price of an inground pool can be much higher depending on the options and the service provider chosen. It basically depends on the type of pool:

  • A pool dug in a kit can cost from € 5,000,
  • A shell pool can cost from € 12,000,
  • A concrete inground pool can cost from € 15,000.

These prices are given for information only: ask for quotes from several pool manufacturers to get a fair idea of ​​market prices.

Other elements to include in your budget

In addition to the cost of your inground pool, also add all the additional equipment and decor elements around your pool: safety device, automatic water treatment, pool heating , pool house, pool paving, landscaping garden, etc. Then calculate the overall budget that you can devote to the purchase of your inground pool.

An above-ground pool is generally less expensive than an inground pool because you avoid heavy work.

How much does an inground pool cost? 

Difficult to give a price order as the prices are variable. Learn about the different types of pools, and request quotes from pool manufacturers.

There is no secret: when you want to enjoy a swimming pool in your garden , you have to plan a budget.

Yes, the inground pool is the most upscale pool on the market, and you have to count a minimum budget of € 20,000 to have the pleasure of installing one at home. On average, it is estimated that the price of an inground pool (for an individual) varies between 15,000 and 50,000 euros.

You should know that the inground pool is a pool which involves:

A site more important than a removable pool which is only released in the garden a few months a year; with in particular earthworks, pouring a concrete slab, backfilling the pit … If these works are carried out by professionals, it takes on average between 1500 and 3000 €.

  • Materials (concrete, polyester), coatings (mosaic tiles, liner), accessories (pool stairs, lighting), equipment (hydromassage nozzles, pool jets), shapes and dimensions that are often up to the standard of such a pool!
  • But we must not forget that the in-ground pool is the ultimate perennial construction, which can be kept in your garden for (very) many years.