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The Sergers You Need to Be Aware of

There are sergers with threading and automatic tension adjustment but these models are of course more expensive than those with manual adjustment. If you can’t afford a machine with this function, look for testimonials or even better videos on the net to get an overview of what to expect when you put your machine on.

As with the other settings, if you have to spend a lot of time each time you have to re-thread the machine, you will no longer want to use it. From the sewing machine buffs you can find the best choices here.

Before choosing an overlock machine, check whether:

Is differential training available?

You will have a good range of length and width of stitches to have the possibility of sewing more or less wide or more or less long stitches.

The knife can be deactivated: as you already know, during sewing, the serger will cut the edges of the fabric for an ultra clean result. But you must have the choice to be able to deactivate this knife if necessary (ex: secure a seam). So to this question, only one answer possible: the knife must be deactivable and easy to deactivate.

Also pay attention to the weight and size of the serger. The heavier a machine is, the less it will vibrate during sewing.

Also, the noise level is not to be neglected: even if a serger is never silent, there are more noisy models than others so if the decibels are important for you, conduct an investigation on this subject.

Will getting started be easy?

Before your purchase, check that you will have at your disposal a clear notice or even a DVD of user manual, or a demonstration in store. Do not forget to look on the net if you have tutorials or videos on the coveted model.

Good, clear and understandable instructions will be an essential guide for understanding your machine and making it work perfectly.

Advice: device manuals are often available for free on the net. You can consult the model that interests you to check if the diagrams are sufficiently understandable for you.

Should we turn to a reputable brand?

There are many private sales which offer well-known brands like Singer or Toyota or AEG. But we do not often hear good from these brands there so concretely we do not really know if they are really good deals or not.

Beyond the brand, take the time to read the reviews of the testers. On the net, you will find brand names that come up often, so use these reviews to choose the brand that seems best to you.

What if my future machine breaks down?

To answer this question, it’s simple: simply type in your search engine, after-sales service advice for the brand concerned or the store to buy and you will have an idea of ​​what awaits you if you ever have a problem with your future. 


You can also simply try to call the after-sales service to see for yourself if the number is surcharged or if the waiting time is too long. Also ask yourself if it is essential to be able to easily bring your machine into service and to have someone physical to turn to. If so, it will be better to buy your serger in a physical store.