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Top Ways To Organize With Rolling Carts

The rolling cart is an essential piece of organizational equipment. With the small footprint, yet ample storage space, the cart can be used in most rooms of the home to hold necessary items. Here are some ideas for when and where to use a rolling cart in your house.


The magic of a wheeled cart can be seen in a garage. The small spring loaded casters make it easy to wheel this around the area. It can hold garden tools, power tools, yard equipment, toys and more. You may end up having a whole row of carts, each with its own theme.

Craft Room

Art supplies can be a bug to organize, but with a rolling cart, it can be much easier. You can add small buckets and bins to hold small items, while the large items can sit next to them. Ribbons, scissors, crayons, coloring books, paper, stickers and more can be held on a three-tiered cart.


If you have a small kitchen or lack cabinet space, a rolling cart can come to the rescue. You can use one as a coffee bar area or a kitchen tool holder. It can also be helpful to hold your most used items so they are easily accessible. When you like to host parties, a cart can become a drink cart with all of the glasses held in one place.


Small bathrooms can still be organized well when you use a storage item. Each shelf can hold toiletries, toilet paper, tissues and more. When you don’t have cabinet space in a tiny bathroom, this can be the best way to keep your items accessible and easy to find.

A small rolling cart is a versatile piece of organizational e