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4 Things To Do in Suffolk VA

Known as the peanut capital of the world—and the birthplace of Planters’ Peanuts—you will find rich architecture and historic sites around every corner in Suffolk. Whether you desire a stroll through peaceful downtown or an invigorating woodland hike, it’s all at your fingertips.

Seaboard Station Railway Museum

Boasting a highly detailed model of 1907 Suffolk, the museum also holds several artifacts from local rail lines ranging from sumptuous silver dining ware to more practical tools and signs. The Railway Museum itself is a piece of history, as it was built in 1885. The original architecture has been maintained and restored over the years, making it seem like it hasn’t aged a day since. 

Walking Tours

Several Suffolk VA homes for sale have historical significance, and you can learn all about them with walking tours. If you like your history with a spooky twist, guided ghost tours explore the paranormal side of Suffolk. If you’re curious about the Victorian Cedar Hill cemetery, there are several tours highlighting historic figures resting there.

The Great Dismal Swamp

While the name is gothic and gloomy, it is a place of peace and tranquility for human visitors and the animals that call it home. At its heart is Lake Drummond, which is the largest natural lake in the state—though certainly not the deepest with a shallow water level of 5 feet. If you don’t have the nerve to venture in alone, there are guided swamp tours you can partake in.

Riddick’s Folly Museum

The historic home was given its name out of jest by neighbors poking fun at the architectural style. Featuring artwork from Riddick family descendants, permanent exhibits also include a detailed exploration of the Civil War’s effect on the community, as well as artifacts from the life of Virginia governor Mills E. Godwin Jr. 

When you visit Suffolk, you’re not just escaping urban doldrums, you’re broadening your horizons with its lush history.