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What are the reasons for causing overheating of the water tank?

Does your cold shower also surprise you?

It is because your water heater is not working appropriately. The electric water heater problems are very irritating and many of times lead to serious health problems. Among all, overheating is a very common problem that can burn people. Apart from this, it can also lead to permanent damage to the water heater that makes you spend money for repairs. Fortunately, there are some signs that can help you in preventing the overheating thing.


  • High pressure


It happens when the pressure valve is not working properly and further leads to serious damages. Your body gets harmed because of the steam buildup in the water heater. On noticing the signs of water boiling, call the expert plumbing who are appreciated for a quality job. Before they visit you, turn off the power.


  • High temperature


Generally, it is recommended to keep the temperature of the water heater upto or below 120ºF. at the time of troubleshooting, the plumber would check your thermostat and fix the problem.


  • Sedimentation


If you don’t know, the elements present in the water heater are usually prone to the sedimentation. When it occurs, the water heater works more than its efficiency, resulting in overheating. The unfixed issue causes failing of elements to work.

Whom I should contact to install the water heater?

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