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The Best Regular Deep Cleaning Solutions for Aircon

For a deep cleaning of the aircon, chemical wash is the most common process. There are different processes and methods that the professional aircon chemical services opt for when providing the service. However, what remains the same is that they ensure that all of the parts are properly cleaned and mended.

Aircons require special care over time to avoid the formation of residues. But, at the same time, an important aspect that we must not omit is that after the installation of the aircon, a thorough cleaning is needed. The heating system consists of a boiler, pump, boiler, valves, pipes and much more, resultingin a mixture of metals that require careful maintenance and a chemical wash.

Chemical Wash – The Best Option for Cleaning your Aircon

To avoid the corrosion of your aircon system, it is advisable to perform chemical washes. This eliminates black sludge, which is iron oxide, and limescale deposits in your aircon, which will ensure better functioning of the aircon.

No matter what aircon it is, it includes sensitivecomponents, such as the supply pipes, condenser, filters, fins, coolant and so on. The integration of all these components into a single system is whatallows the aircon to perform well. As long as these parts continue to work perfectly, the performance of the aircon will be stellar. To ensure that, the parts need to undergo chemical wash from time to time.

  • Each chemical washing is preceded by a preliminary investigation, during which all the details of the aircon components to be washed are noted down and encrusting deposit samples are removed.
  • After this initial investigation, the type of descaler to be used is decided. The conditions of use (concentration and temperature) as well as the recirculation speed and working time are also determined.
  • During the washing process, some fundamental parameters are continuously monitored to follow the evolution of the washing. This includes details such as pH level, concentration of residual iron and residual acidity.

The formula used for the chemical washing are mixtures containing inorganic and organic acids, sequestrants, corrosion inhibitors and antifoams. They are suitably “formulated” according to the type of deposit to be eliminated and the materialof which the equipment to be built is made to clean.

  • Indoor drainage tray cleaning
  • Drainage system vacuuming
  • Air filter cover and front panel purification
  • Electrical contacts inspection
  • Discharge pressure and suction regulation
  • Coils and pipes cleaning
  • Mechanical component lubrication

Other than this, the team of aircon servicing professionalswill also look for any damage or leakage that has taken place. The important tasks of filling the coolant and checking the refrigeration levelsare also done by them.

Aircons need chemical washes in order to remove magnetite, preservative oils and greases. This will be done with an alkaline agent that quickly removes mechanical residues and sludge deposits from installations made of copper, aluminum or zinc.


Post-chemical wash, the aircon will be able perform at its best. Now that all the stubborn dust particles are dissolved and the bacteria and mold have been swiped out, the result will be an efficient aircon that can cool your home swiftly.

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