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Special features of an interstate furniture removal company

When you want to move things one from place or state to another, investing your money in the right interstate removal company is essential for safe and reliable moving. This is because when it comes to interstate moving, plenty of legal parameters and technical aspects come into the picture. Interstate moving means different state rules and other aspects.

What are the special features of the interstate moving company?

Let’s take at some special features:

A stringent measure of safety:

Bells Interstate Removals often has long-haul goods for transportation. So these goods have to adhere to safety standards to remain undamaged. They should be appropriately packed based on the type of goods. Their safety should be ensured until they are delivered. The best removal companies will possess all the knowledge of security and safety. Their infrastructure is sufficiently equipped to take up these parameters to practicality.

High-quality transport vehicles

Interstate moving companies ought to have a good fleet of transport vehicles that are well maintained and high in quality. They should be technology-enabled and heavy-duty vehicles. This is to ensure strength and space. Technology will enable you to keep track of your goods. They should be timely checked before hitting the road to avoid any hassles.

Authorized companies

These interstate moving companies should be authorized to move interstate. They should have legal documents and a licence to permit interstate transport. This is to ensure no dispute later with them and to receive your goods.

Good experience

Several Interstate moving companies take up moving within the state initially before switching to interstate removal. Therefore, look for a company with sufficient experience.

Trained staff

The personnel of the interstate removal company should be well trained and possess adequate knowledge of interstate transportation. This way, they will be able to take up the interstate transportation in an experienced way. There will be no drawbacks, as they will know how to handle each aspect. The interstate removal company should be able to keep their staff updated on the rules and regulations of different states. The drivers driving the vehicles are up to date and adhering to the state they transport.

Safe and timely deliveries

They should deliver your goods safely and on time. The technology should ensure the tracking of your goods for safe and timely delivery. The to and from service centres should coordinate accordingly to make sure the time is maintained.


Check for their reviews online and offline. By looking at their reviews, you will be able to get an idea about their services and other customer experiences. Look at their primary areas of transport like logistics, delivery, the safe reach of goods, goods intact, professionalism, cost-efficiency, and so on. These reviews will help you figure out the loopholes that can be overlooked in many cases.


The best interstate removing company will be professional and reliable. They will have selected partners in other states or areas who serve the company equally. The interstate removal is safe and fast. It will take only 5 days when transporting to capital cities while 8 days when transport is to regional locations. An interstate removal company in Australia is accredited with the Australian Furniture Removers Association- AFRA. This way, they are ensured of consistent inspection of vehicles, equipment, staff, and premises. They are up to date and well maintained. Contact Bells Interstate Removals in Melbourne to get a quote.