What should you consider while buying an electric Roti Maker?

In India, finding a household that does not make rotis is difficult if not impossible. This being the case, there is no doubt that you want to make rotis, but are fed up of the long, tedious process of making them. This is especially worse as time is such a precious resource these days. You have had a long day of work and you now want to eat healthily. At the same time, you do not want to spend an hour in the kitchen flipping rotis. So what is the solution? The answer is simple, Get an electronic Roti Maker!

How to pick out a Good Roti Maker?

What’s the purpose of an electronic Roti Maker? At the most fundamental level, it should make your life easier by saving time and energy. So you should look at factors which consume time and energy when making rotis with a roti maker and pick the best of the lot. This may be easier said than done as factors which may consume your time with a roti maker may not be clear when you buy them or even for some time after you buy it. So you must research. What do you need to look at? Read on to find out! If still not sure about perfect Roti Maker then you must check Rotimatic Review.

The heating

The way in which a roti maker works is that there are more often than not coils on the inside which heat up when you pass electricity through them. These coils are followed by a heat-conducting material which accentuates the heat and thereby prepares your Roti. So when buying a roti maker, you need to look at how well and quickly it heats up the roti and prepares it. You also need to examine the longevity of the coils and the method in which they conduct electricity as this may determine how it’ll stack up for a long time.

The conductor

The coil being good is not sufficient as that is not what really heats the rotis. The surface the actually touches the roti is the material that the heat is passed on to. So you need to look at what that material is, and if that is a material that conducts heat well without deteriorating over time due to heating. Yet another aspect on the same part is the stickiness. You will be putting the raw dough on the conductor and hence if it sticks, you will waste time cleaning it. So look for a surface which is non-stick and slippery.

The hinge

If you are someone who makes many rotis every single day, you will probably be opening and closing the roti maker hundreds of times in a short span of time. The mechanism that ensures that this happens smoothly is the hinge. Hence, you must look for an electronic roti maker which has a good, high-quality hinge that does not get stuck or rough after some usage. A hinge which is not smooth can the source of a lot of frustration so make sure you look at the hinge mechanism and its longevity before spending money and making the purchase.


A roti maker, as mentioned earlier, uses heat to make rotis. When making rotis over a gas stove, the fire is visible and controllable. But when using an electronic roti maker or an induction stove, you are not privy to the healing process and that can sip your mind easily. Low-Quality insulation means that the heat generated inside cooks not only the roti but also the electronics inside. This is unsafe as it may lead to a fire. Brands like Roti Matic make high-quality roti makers which have a good insulation system to save you the heartache later.

The electronics

Saving the internal electronics from heat is futile if the electronics are faulty from the get-go. An electronic roti maker has many electronic components. Simple roti makers use electricity to only heat the coil, whereas more advanced machines like RotiMatic use it for many other things, such as the screen and the kneading among other things. Thankfully, RotiMatic ensures their electronics are on point, but if you are considering a purchase, you must always look at the electronics. Faulty electronics can be expensive to repair and more crucially so, unsafe as they may be a fire hazard as well


Electronic roti makers come at all costs. The simple, rudimentary ones which use coils, heat and pressure to prepare the Rotis are usually less expensive, whereas more complex ones like RotiMatic, which takes care of the process from A to Z may be far more expensive. So when making the purchase, you need to ask yourself what you need. If time permits you to knead and make preliminary preparations, a basic one would be enough. But if you are busy and want a one-touch machine-like RotiMatic, it is well worth the premium as it’ll save lots of time.

Where to buy

After learning all the benefits of the electronic roti maker, you are definitely wondering where you can buy one. Thankfully, due to their popularity, the answer is everywhere. But to be more specific, they are available everywhere, but you should buy them from just anywhere. For instance, do not buy telemarketed roti makers as they are generally low quality and have no redressal. Barring this. Most electronic shops have these machines and they are reliable. They are also widely available on online shopping sites like Amazon and Flipkart. They are also reliable and even offer large discounts on these products.


A roti maker will change your life in a significant manner. All that time you spent kneading an flipping rotis in the kitchen can now be spent reading and expanding your knowledge or just relaxing and being a more calm person. But to do this, you need a quality machine and that is achievable only through good research on all the factors mentioned above. If you look thoroughly before buying and buy from a reliable location, you will most certainly get a product that is high quality and will last you a long time. So get one now and enjoy!