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Which Insulation Types Are Available For Your Home

Insulation is a necessary element in any home aiming for energy efficiency. It is used to reduce heat transfer and prevent air leaks in areas between walls, in attics and in basements. Without proper insulation, a home can lose heated air through drafts and cracks, making your heating system work harder and costing you more money. Here are some of the different types of insulation available to keep your house temperature controlled.

Spray Foam

Spray foam fiberglass mold Chalfont PA is used when there are hard-to-reach areas. The spray seals gaps and prevents leakage when a liquid polyurethane is sprayed on the area. It expands and hardens as it dries.

Blanket Batts and Rolls

Typically made with fiberglass, this type of insulation is the easiest to install. It’s manufactured to be the correct width between studs, rafters and floor joists. You will need a mask to prevent fiberglass particles from entering your lungs during installation.

Reflective or Radiant Barrier

This type of insulation is used in hot climates. Instead of reducing airflow, this insulation reflects heat away from the home using aluminum foil. The attic is usually the area that uses a reflective barrier.

Foam Board

Typically used in an unfinished space, foam boards can be highly effective to reduce the amount of heat transferred through wall studs, wood and flooring. Foam boards can be used in all areas of the home and are one of the best ways to reduce energy costs.

Blown-In Insulation

Made of small foam particles, blown-in insulation can be used in areas where it’s difficult to reach or irregularly shaped. An insulation blower is used to spread the materials into the spaces that need to be filled.

Having your home properly insulated can save you money on your energy bill and improve the comfort in your home by regulating the temperature.