Your Options for Choosing the best mattresses Now

Because the springs are not independent, movements are transmitted throughout the mattress. This can be annoying for couples, especially if one partner changes position several times during the night. This discomfort is more pronounced when there is a big difference in weight and height between people.

Individually bagged

The individually bagged springs are the best option for those who want comfort, especially for couples. As each spring is individually wrapped, the movements will be absorbed, which will keep the other end of the mattress intact. You can go for the most comfortable mattresses and surely you will be having the best deals now.

  • Therefore, this technology is highly sought after by couples with a large difference in weight or whose partners move around a lot at night. In this way, both are able to have a restful and peaceful sleep.
  • In addition to being comfortable, the pocket springs model provides an anatomical position during sleep, since the springs respond to different pressures, respecting the body contour and its extremities.

As the springs are individually bagged, there is a better internal air circulation, which prevents the appearance of moisture and fungi. This also maintains a pleasant temperature even in the hottest seasons.

It is also worth mentioning that this mattress model can support a greater weight, up to 120 kilos. However, it is interesting to check this information with the manufacturer, as pocket spring technologies may be different.

Advantages of spring mattress

Find out below what the main advantages of the spring mattress are.

Adapts to all biotypes

There are several technologies and models of mattresses, which can make it difficult to choose the best one for you. The spring mattress is very comfortable and adapts to all biotypes, more efficiently distributing the pressures exerted by the body.

Ensures postural alignment

The pocket spring mattress, in particular, was made to withstand different pressures. So, as we mentioned, it adapts to the body and ensures the alignment of the spine, in addition to better accommodating the shoulders and hips. Therefore, it is comfortable and contributes to a good night’s sleep.

It has nice temperature

Another interesting feature is the air circulation inside the mattress, since its interior, as it contains springs, is not as compact as foam. This allows for a pleasant temperature, even in warmer months.

It is durable

The spring mattress has greater durability compared to other models, such as foam. The high quality materials used in the manufacture of the product ensure that it has a long service life. But be careful: we reinforce that it is recommended to change this item every five years, no matter what type.

Choice of mattress

A mattress, in general, cannot be too hard or too soft. After all, it is important that he supports the spine and supports the members of the body. As the choice is very private, it is recommended to go to a specialized store and try out the most diverse models.

If it is for the couple, it is important that the partners make the choice together. In addition, we emphasize that if one of them moves frequently during the night, it is recommended to give preference to the model of individually bagged springs. That said, check out now more tips to get your mattress right.