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4 Signs You Need To Call Your Septic Company Now For Your Home

Using a septic system is strange if you’ve never had one. Used in rural homes, all water in a house goes to a tank where it’s separated from solids and then flows to a drain field. Septic systems rarely have problems but if any of these four signs occur, call your septic company now.

  1. All Drains Are Slow

While it’s normal to have an occasional clog, if you suddenly notice that all your drains are slow at the same time, it’s time to call your local septic tank services Wise County TX. Slow drains throughout the house signify a possible backup and you’ll need your tank emptied.

  1. You Have No Record of Septic Service

If you have no record of when your septic tank was last pumped or if you’ve just moved into a new house, call your local company. Septic tanks should generally be pumped out every 3-5 years depending on household size, so make an appointment before you have trouble.

  1. You Smell Sewage

Smelling sewage inside or outside the home is a worst-case scenario situation and means your tank is full. When a tank no longer has room, the gases produced inside will seep out causing a foul odor. Stop whatever you’re doing and contact your septic company to have your tank pumped immediately.

  1. Your Lawn Is Soggy

Another sign that you’ve got a full septic tank is a wet soggy lawn over the drain field. You might also notice the grass in this area is extremely green and lush. Unfortunately, this signals trouble and you’ll need to call for help before it gets worse.

While septic tanks are extremely efficient, problems can develop when they’re not taken care of properly. If you’ve got slow drains, foul odors or a wet lawn, call your septic company today.