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Buying a New Dishwasher? Use Our Dishwasher Selection Aid

Are you thinking to buy a new dishwasher? If yes, we can help you choose. Choosing a new dishwasher can be quite overwhelming. There are many types, brands, and sizes of dishwashers in the market. You have to check the price, quality, features, specifications, user reviews, etc. to decide which dishwasher you want to buy. To save you all this trouble, we have crafted a perfect dishwasher selection aid for you. Our dishwasher selection aid will help you to purchase a new dishwasher in a few quick and simple steps. In this post, we will show you how our perfectly designed dishwasher section aid helps you in making a smart vaatwassers buying decision.

Dishwasher Selection Aid:

Our dishwasher selection aid is one a kind. It is specially developed to assist dishwasher buyers. When you plan to purchase a new dishwasher, you have to follow a series of steps to pick out the best dishwasher for you. But now, you don’t have to go anywhere. You can simply sit at home, open your smartphone and use our dishwasher selection aid to assist you. You just have to choose the type and category of dishwasher you like, and we will get the results for you. This is how our dishwasher selection aid works.

Type of dishwasher: 

In our selection aid, you have first to choose the type of dishwasher you want to buy. There are three choices given to you.

  • Built-in Dishwasher (Recessed Dishwasher): This type of dishwasher can be easily installed inside a cupboard or cabinet to hide it.
  • Detached Dishwasher (Freestanding Dishwasher): This type of dishwasher is free standing like a washing machine. You can easily keep it in your pantry or garage.
  • Substructure Dishwasher: This type of dishwasher can be easily installed under the counter.

Size of the dishwasher:

After you select any one type of dishwasher, you have to select the size of the dishwasher. Choose the size depending upon your kitchen and storage space. There are three options in size selection.

  • Small Size: You can choose a small size dishwasher if it’s just for you.
  • Normal Size: If you have a small family, you can choose a normal size dishwasher.
  • Large Size: If you frequently wash dishes or if you want it for commercial use, you can select a large dishwasher.

Energy Efficient:

After you select the size, you will get two other options to choose from. You have to either choose an energy-efficient or a non-energy efficient dishwasher.

  • Energy Efficient: This type of dishwasher helps you to save energy. If you want to save electricity, choose this type.
  • Non-energy efficient: This type of dishwasher have normal power consumption. If you are not concerned much about energy consumption, you can choose this dishwasher.

Final result:

When you complete all the steps, you will get the final result. If you are confused, you can retake the selection aid. The screen will display the dishwasher you should buy.


This is how, by using our dishwasher selection aid, you can buy a dishwasher as per your preferred choices. You can make a dishwasher buying decision in three simple clicks.