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Electric hedge trimmer – the most important things in brief!

Electric hedge trimmers and cordless hedge trimmers are the future. Powerful motors, little volume, and yet the cutting system works its way through the thickest hedges like butter; thanks to the standard high cutting thickness and knife spacing. Then who needs a gasoline-powered hedge trimmer?

Quality And Price Go Hand In Hand.

Even entry-level electric secateurs in the low-price segment, meet all gardening requirements. Easy handling, hardly any weight and still good rating in comparison portals: you will find all this with the electric hedge trimmer!

Even more flexibility

with a battery Electric hedge trimmer with built-in battery is the solution for short work where cables can no longer reach. You won’t notice any difference in the thickness of the cutting system. You don’t have to accept any compromises in terms of volume or engine performance. Handling is still easy for you!

What should you look out for when buying an electric hedge trimmer?


while using Electric hedge trimmers in operation and safety should go hand in hand. We place the highest value on it. That is why an anti-blocking function is part of the standard equipment in the cutting system. You should also pay attention to a knife stop when buying. Your electric hedge trimmer should switch off within 0.5 s.

Power cord

One does not have to bother with cordless hedge trimmers. But as soon as a cable reaches the cutting system of the electric hedge trimmer, it is already too late. So always remember: Electric hedge trimmers in the garden mean always having a look at the cable.


Trimming large hedges takes time and effort. In order not to complicate the handling and to guarantee a comfortable hedge trimming, a light electric hedge trimmer is crucial. An electric hedge trimmer above 3.5 kg puts too much strain on your arms and back when handling them. Therefore, protect your body and pay attention to the rating of electric secateurs in the category evaluation “weight”. Battery hedge trimmers differ only slightly in terms of weight.

Engine power

No matter how good an electric hedge trimmer is in terms of cutting strength and handling, with a poor category rating for the engine, you will hardly enjoy using the electric hedge trimmer.

Cutting thickness

With the cutting thickness, watch how large the knife distance is between the individual knives of their electric hedge trimmers. As a rule of thumb, the thicker the branches to be cut, the greater the knife spacingmust be. Then you are guaranteed to be able to cut hedges comfortably and handling the secateurs remains pleasantly easy.


Comfortable cutting of the hedge is one thing: the volume the other. Your electric hedge trimmer is consistently quieter than a gasoline-powered one; no matter whether with or without a battery. Nevertheless, there are still subtle differences in volume in every electric hedge trimmer. Above all, less volume also means more peace with your neighbour when cutting hedges.


What is more annoying than when you run out of power while cutting hedges?
A long battery is important for the rating of cordless hedge trimmers!